"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers reveal that Nina will continue to sabotage the relationship between Willow and Harrison. Nina wants Chase to approach Sasha and will do anything to make that happen. Meanwhile, everything is ready for the Nurses Ball. Willow hopes to spend a magical night with Harrison, but Nina will obstruct that desire. Also, as the "GH" spoilers say, Shiloh will be present at the party. Precisely for this reason, Nina may arrive in time to reveal Willow's secret, making the plots of the soap opera glowing.

'GH' Spoilers: Nina versus Willow

"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that in the next episodes, there will be twists and turns concerning Nina and Willow. The truth is very close and the bomb is ready to explode. Nina and Willow will clash hard, ending up exacerbating their conflicts even more, although they're probably mother and daughter. Nina has been shocked by the relationship between Willow and Michael and is not going to give up on it. She wants Michael back with Sasha and is doing everything in her power to win Michael's heart.

Nina will study Michael and Willow's every move, hoping that Sasha will leave Port Charles for good. However, as confirmed by the Celebrity Dirty Laundry news, Willow will try not to create contrasts and instead keep the peace.

During the Nurses Ball, the girl will approach Harrison, spending magical moments with him. But Nina would sabotage their romantic night with her intrusions.

Other "GH" spoilers suggest in this regard that Nina will be able to stop Harrison, confessing something that will get him away from Willow. The woman's words will ensure that Harrison and Sasha come together again, with great pain for Willow.

Meanwhile, Valentine will continue to lie to Nina, ending up further complicating the situation.

'General Hospital': Nina near the truth about Willow

In the next episodes of "General Hospital" Nina will be close to discovering the truth about Nina and the DoD. How will she react when she learns that Willow is involved in the sect and has made the child adopt?

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we can tell you that Nina will come into possession of valuable information that will lead her to the truth about Willow and the likely abandonment of her child.

Fans of the soap opera know that Nina has no scruples and that she is ready for anything to achieve her goal. In addition, Shiloh will participate in Nurses Ball in the company of Sam. This could be the perfect opportunity to make everything clear. Meanwhile, Archer will be able to keep an eye on Sam. Shiloh doesn't know that the girl is lying to him and that she's actually a spy. We're sure that when the head of the DoD finds out what's going on, the end of the world will happen. Sam will have to be very careful about how she acts within the community house. Will Nina be able to discover and reveal to Shiloh Willow's secret? The next "General Hospital" (GH) Spoilers will provide clarity.