Big trouble is brewing on "The Young and the Restless" based on the preview for Monday's episode. Adam will tell Phyllis that he wants to set the town on fire and that she can be the match. Should the two Genoa City rejects decide to work together, they will cause all kinds of problems. Phyllis is bitter over being pushed out of Jabot and refused to listen to Michael and Laureen who advised her to let go of the past. Ms.Summers continues to prove she is her own worst enemy and Adam knows this. He will say all the right things to make sure things go his way, then cast his new partner in crime aside, once hen longer needs her.

Adam and Phyllis are thrown together on 'Y&R'

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that on Monday, Phyllis will have too much to drink and be involved in a minor auto accident with Adam. No one will be hurt, but the duo will have a chat later at Ms. Summers home. Victor's prodigal son will suggest that the two of them work together against the people of Genoa City. The spoiler suggests that Adam is only looking out for himself and will discard his new partner in crime once he obtains his goals. On Friday's "Y&R" episode, Adam made his intentions known to find Chloe and Chelsea so his plot is getting pretty thick. His accomplice has a few irons in the fire as well.

Phyllis was threatened by Laureen to shut down her website with the knockoffs of Jabotiques.

She is planning another venture which she has not yet made public. In addition to the Abbotts, and the Baldwins on her back, there is Summer who snitched to Jack, and refused to leave Jabot to work with her mother. Soap Dirt indicates that Summer will begin dating Theo in order to make Kyle jealous. Other "Y&R" spoilers suggest she might be pregnant.

If Phyllis accepts Adam's offer, it will give her something to focus on and keep her mind off of all these other issues.

Adam wants revenge on Genoa City

Sharon has turned out to be an ally for Adam and on Friday she called Chelsea on his behalf. The prodigal son also inquired about Chloe who Victor helped to fake her own death.

Nick is sweating bullets because he is afraid of losing Christian and Victoria is worried her half-brother will replace her at Newman Enterprises. If Phyllis and Adam put their heads together, they will wreak havoc on Genoa City. CDL says that someone is going to kidnap Ms. Summers but this may be when Michelle Stafford steps into the role.

Once Phyllis is on board with Adam's plan and Kevin, Chloe and Chelsea are all back in Genoa City, the revenge plot will heat up. Ms. Summers wants to stick it to the Abbotts. and the prodigal desires to destroy his own family. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ST on CBS.