"General Hospital" viewers who are expecting secrets to be revealed during the Nurses Ball, will not want to miss Wednesday's episode. Brad and Willow's worst nightmare comes to pass when Lucas and Shiloh find out their secrets. The cult leader overhears Ms. Tate talking to Nina about her baby and angrily confronts her. Lucas will put the pieces together and figure out that the school teacher is Wiley's birth mom. He will then try to get his spouse to tell the truth, but there is so much more to this story. Wiley is actually Noah, the child that Nelle said died.

It was Willow's baby boy who died and when the entire truth comes out, there will be a lot of anguish.

Nina confronts Willow during Nurses Ball

Willow accidentally spilled a drink on Charlotte's stepmother during the Nurses Ball. The women argued then Ms. Tate ran out to take a call from Diane. Nina followed and overheard part of the conversation, and remarked she did not know the school teacher had a child. Insults followed from them both and as Nina walked away, she made an ugly comment about Willow not being able to keep her baby. Shiloh shows up just in time to overhear and Soap Opera Spy says on Wednesday the cult leader will explode in rage.

Only Brad and Nelle know that Wiley is really Michael's son Noah.

Julian and Willow wrongly believe she is the child's birth mother. Obrecht is keeping the secret that she delivered a live child for Nelle. If Shiloh puts together what he just heard, along with Brad talking about his son's birth mother being against Dawn of Day, he will be trying to get his hands on a little boy that is not even his.

Celeb Dirty Laundry says the cult leader will explode at the school teacher. "General Hospital" viewers knew the secret would eventually come out, but how tragic that Nina initiated this drama with Shiloh, causing pain, unwittingly for her own daughter.

Lucas corners Brad during Nurses Ball

Lucas has been wondering for some time why his significant other has been so jumpy.

He is also curious about Willow overstepping boundaries where his son is concerned. "GH" spoiler alerts indicate that on Wednesday Dr. Jones will put the pieces together. He will corner Brad during the Nurses Ball and demand answers about Ms. Tate. The dominoes are beginning to fall and at some point, Brad must tell everyone the entire truth.

Willow will be in shock and will have to mourn her baby all over again. She has fallen in love with little Wiley only to find out he is not even hers. She must also deal with finding out the woman who hates her is her biological mother. Lucas will be devastated and more than likely end his marriage. Be sure to watch Wednesday's exciting episode of "General Hospital" and the conclusion of the Nurses Ball.