"General Hospital's" resident lab technician is about to burst at the seams trying to hold in a secret. Brad Cooper has shown himself over the years not to operate very well under pressure. Now his back is against the wall as Willow is being more vocal about her hatred of Shiloh. The truth about the baby switch is about to be exposed and the lab tech may lose all. His loose lips might result in Shiloh trying to get a hold on Wiley, Willow being frightened, and his husband walking away. Spoiler alerts indicate that Michael will soon explore his dark side and the spouse of his uncle Lucas more than likely will be one of the first to feel the wrath.

Shiloh bewitches Brad

Last week, on "General Hospital" Willow was completely freaked out to hear that Brad wanted to take Wiley to the Dawn of Day house. She went so far as to accuse Mr. Cooper and his spouse of being bad parents. She later confided to Chase that Wiley is her son, but he is not. Bad went straight to Shiloh and began talking about the birth mother of his adopted child. Should he reveal Willow's name, the cult leader will mistakenly believe the boy is his. This will set in motion a chain of events that will only end in disaster. Brad is so bewitched by the DoD guru that he is not listening to sound reasoning from anyone.

When the entire truth is revealed, Willow must relive her heartbreak all over again.

She will be devastated to find out her baby died shortly after Brad and Lucas took him home. Julian will be in the dog house because he kept his son in law's secret Lucas will become estranged from both his father and his spouse, and the entire town will realize just how treacherous Nelle Benson really is. "GH" has allowed this web of lies to become more entangled and the longer it takes to sort things out the more people will be damaged because of Brad's loose lips.

'GH' brings out Michael's dark side because of Brad

Soap Dirt indicates that the baby switch coming to light will cause problems and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that one of them will be epic. When Brad's house of cards begins to fall, Michael Corinthos will be affected most of all. The spoiler indicates that something is going to bring out the dark side of the young man that Sonny raised as his own.

He may become upset when he finds out Shasha is as deceptive as Nelle, but "GH" fans know that finding out Wiley is Jonah is probably what sets him off.

On "General Hospital" there is no fury like a Quartermaine or Corinthos scorned. Michael is composed of both so his wrath at this deception will be great. Brad will not only lose Wiley and Lucas but cause unnecessary probems for Willow with Shiloh. Maxie may be the only person to truly understand because she lied about a baby that died years ago. Julian's progress with Lucas and Alexis will take a hit when they find out he has known the truth for months, but Michael's rage will be unimaginable.

Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST, to find out how it all goes down. Life in Port Charles is about to become complicated for many.