The memorial service for Neil Winters will begin on Thursday's episode (April 25) of "The Young and the Restless," and fond remembrances will continue on Friday (April 26). This will be an emotional day, as various residents of Genoa City join the family in saying a final goodbye. Malcolm and Leslie will return for the funeral service. Feuding will be set aside as Jack makes amends with Ashley and even gets along with Victor in honor of their mutual friend. The Newman patriarch will be so overcome with grief, that he will not be able to get through his tribute without breaking down and crying.

Victor reflects on Neil

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that the love triangle of Kyle, Lola, and Summer will be put on hold a few days as Genoa City mourns the shocking sudden death of Neil Winters. On Wednesday (April 24), Devon revealed that his father died of a massive stroke due to undetected high blood pressure. Spoilers say there will be a funeral service at a church and later a gathering at Devon’s penthouse.

Victor and Neil have a pretty decent relationship, although it had its bumps. On Tuesday (April 23), Jack notified Victor that their mutual friend had passed away. Victor told Jack that Neil was like a son to him and one of the best executives he ever had in his employ. Spoilers reveal that when the time comes to talk about the deceased, Victor will have some trouble with his reflections and will actually cry as he tries to talk about his good friend.

‘Y&R’ lays Neil to rest

The situation is especially difficult for the cast of "The Young and the Restless" because they are also mourning Kristoff St. John's death. The tears and sadness that viewers will be watching will be real. The writers, however, have already set things in motion for the Hamilton/Winters families to move along, with the addition of Ana's father and cousin.

Lily has been released from prison and her relationship with Cane is up in the air.

Once Neil Winters is laid to rest, there will continue to be tributes to Kristoff St. John. On April 26, Mishael Morgan and Victoria Rowel will pay respects to their former cast member. Their characters, Drucilla and Hilary, are deceased, so the women cannot show up at the memorial service.

They will share their fond memories in a taped interview that will air either just before or after the broadcast. Be sure to tune in at 12:30 PM ET on CBS. You don't want to miss this fitting tribute to a wonderful actor.