''The Young and the Restless'' spoilers for Friday, April 26 are sure to thrill fans of the soap opera with a very special episode. In the last episode on the air, Neil's funeral was held. The ceremony was quite involving. Lily wanted to remember him, even though the pain didn't get her to talk. A very emotional moment was Malcolm's letter to Neil, full of affection and good feelings. Devon is also devastated by the death of his father, who still does not seem to accept. Lily then approached Neil's coffin, reminding him once again how much you love him.

To console her was Traci, who assured her that all her friends and family will help her to overcome this terrible moment. ''Young and Restless'' spoilers of the Friday 26 April episode reveal that there will be unexpected consequences after Neil's death. Not only pain but also revenge and intrigue. After organizing a funeral vigil at Devon's house, Neil's last wishes will be read. At this point, an unexpected background will emerge that will upset his family. What did Neil write in his will?

Neil's final greeting and homage to Kristoff

The spoilers tease that the episode will show again the funeral ceremony of Neil. Friends and relatives of the deceased will move to the home of Devon, who has organized a reception.

Lily and Malcolm will try to strengthen each other, but the pain will prevail. Lily can't accept that Neil has died in such an unexpected and tragic way and it will be a long time before he overcomes the grief. Fans will see a special episode, in which there will be flashbacks to remember Neil's best moments. Surely, it's a tribute full of affection for the tragically deceased actor.

According to Soap Opera Digest, this choice made Bryton James happy; we know that the entire production of the soap wanted to pay homage to the best scenes Kristoff, who had established a special and very close bond with the whole cast. Without a doubt, there will be no lack of tears during this poignant episode.

Neil's will

As we anticipated, the spoilers ''Young and Restless'' (Y&R) for Friday, April 26 reserve a sensational twist. After the funeral ceremony and the vigil at Devon's house, we will continue with the reading of Neil's last wishes. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Neil's will hides an unexpected background. In particular, reading his will, the family will have a big surprise. So what will Neil's last will say? Was he hiding a secret that remained a secret until the day of his death? To know it, we just have to see the episode. We are obviously waiting for updates on the other characters to know how Neil's death will undoubtedly change their lives. To find out more, we just have to wait with trepidation for the next ''Young and Restless'' spoilers.