Robert Sylvester Kelly, commonly known as R. Kelly, has seen better days. When a person's bank account is showing negative numbers, it's indicative of poor money management. However, when the person is a celebrity like Kelly, it's strange when the bank isn't full to the brim, let alone empty. According to The Blast, his account assets were recently seized by collectors. Reportedly, the artist was indebted to his former landlord, who just gained funds possession from a targeted R. Kelly bank account.

Kelly and the massive debt from his past

Although this subheading sounds like a story from the Bernstein Bears, you can pretty much bet this R&B singer isn't feeling the teachable moment.

The source reports that R. Kelly has been caught in a legal battle with a prior Chicago landlord, of whom won a judgment to the tune of $173,000. According to Blast's report, the singer was sued for owing back rent.

Apparently, as reports Hot New Hip Hop, a judge ordered Kelly to pay most of what was allegedly owed. However, when authorities contacted Wintrust Bank, they were informed that his account had a negative balance. That balance was negative $13. So, other accounts were targeted. The Blast mentions that approximately $150,000 was seized from a Bank of America account.

The R. Kelly bank account in question reportedly held slightly above $150,000. In efforts to put his eggs in various baskets, he had money in various accounts with Bank of America.

The Blast notes one account having had $110,056.64 and another having held $44,595.58, for a total of $154,527.22. Only $625 were left. That's a bad day for anybody. Right?

But that's not all, folks

In addition, court documents state there's more to be taken from the singer. "They fired off subpoenas to Sony Music, ASCAP and multiple banks where Kelly held accounts," The Blast states.

The source says they're seeking an additional $50,000 to cover the rest of the artist's debt. Nevertheless, ASCAP reportedly says it doesn't owe him any music royalties. But if they're seeking an additional $50,000, that means the landlord must believe the singer's debts actually exceed $200,000, rather than the $173,000 they were allotted from the bank account.

Otherwise, they'd only need an additional $20,000.

This lawsuit concerns his Chicago studio. Earlier this year, Kelly was supposedly moving out of the building because he could no longer be creative, given all the drama happening in his life. At the time, his lawyers mentioned that court-ordered restrictions were stifling the artist's "creative juices." But, ideally, thoughts of doing multiple decades in prison could definitely pause any, if not all, creativity.