On Tuesday's episode (April 23) of "The Young and the Restless," all of Genoa City helped Abby celebrate the opening of her restaurant, Society. The celebration was a success and everyone had a good time until the end. In the middle of the festivities, two life-changing events took place. Neil Winters was found dead by his son and Kyle finally told Summer the truth. The rest of the week will have more heartbreak, shock, and grief in store, as the news of Neil's demise makes its way across town. The new Mrs. Abbott must deal with the fact that her husband used her and decide if she will give him his freedom, fight for the marriage, or see revenge.

Kyle broke Summer's heart

Summer stood up to her father on Monday (April 22) and defended her husband. She told Nick that her relationship with Kyle is complicated. On Tuesday, she learned the harsh truth that broke her heart. Kyle admitted that he kissed Lola. Summer. yelled at him, accused him of using her, and threw a vase at the door as he walked out. The daughter of Phyllis and Nick will prove she is fully Newman and Summers. Genoa City residents should brace themselves for the fallout of Summer scorned. Lily also blames Nate for her father's death.

She cried and looked bewildered as she begged her spouse to work things out. Kyle seemed truly remorseful as he admitted that he just could not do it.

Ms. Porter pointed out that the newlyweds did not marry because they were madly in love with each other and suggested Lola fight for her man.

Devon breaks the news of Neil's death

Charlie and Mattie stated that Neil was going to shower at his son's home before heading to Society. When he did not show up at the restaurant opening, his son went back to his penthouse to find out why there was a delay.

Devon walked upstairs and was later shown coming down crying and going out the door. When he returned to Society, he went to Lily and pulled her away from the crowd. Viewers could not hear what was being said, but the two embraced and it was evident what happened. One by one, other guests made their way over to the duo,

First came Cane, who embraced his estranged wife.

He was followed by Charlie and Mattie, then Nate, Jet, and Anna. Each time the news was spread, not a word could be heard, and viewers only saw the characters' lips moving and their shocked expressions.

Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ET. The mourning for Neil and the saga of Summer, Kyle, and Lola will continue for quite some time.