"The Young and the Restless" love triangle between Kyle, Lola, and Summer is taking yet another turn. Last week young Mr. Abbott could not bring himself to walk away from his wife. This was after he promised the woman he believes he loves that he would not sleep with his new bride again. Summer accepted that her spouse still had feelings for Lola and was confident their marriage would succeed. The tables will soon turn, however, as Ms. Newman/Abbott will recognize a piece of jewelry her rival is wearing. It will be an item that she believed her spouse was going to give to her.

This will be an eye-opener and Kyle will no doubt be in the dog house.

'Y&R' love triangle keeps evolving

The tangled web of emotions between Lola, Kyle, and Summer just got a little more dysfunctional. Last week Jack told his son to man up and make a decision as to which woman he wants to be with. Kyle said he would dump his spouse but could not do so. Summer believes the marriage is on track and Lola is under the impression that her man will soon belong to her exclusively. Soap Dirt indicates that nothing will be resolved any time soon and Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that this love triangle will continue to evolve with no end in sight. Kyle is playing a dangerous game and once he decides between Summer and Lola, no one will be a true winner.

"Y&R" spoilers say that Summer will find a necklace and assume that her husband bought it for her. She will beg him to put it around her neck but he refuses. Later Kyle gives the jewelry to Lola who tucks it inside her clothing. Summer will show up and be shocked when her rival moves a certain way and the gift is exposed. Kyle will be on the hot seat because he never thought his wife would find out.

He also did not realize Phyllis had him tailed and had pictures of him and his ex entering a hotel room. He is making all the wrong moves and hurting two women in the process.

No winners in this 'Y&R' tangled web

Lola broke up with Kyle several times but now wants him even at the expense of the woman who saved her life. Kyle pinned for Summer who said she did not feel the same, then when she decided she loved him he was with Ms.

Rosales. This "Y&R" tangled web needs to be broken and even when it is there will be no true winners. After seeing the necklace, and especially if her husband will no longer share her bed, the new Mrs. Abbott should walk away. Kyle promised her one year, but so far has been unable to stay away from Lola.

Earlier "Y&R" spoilers indicate that Kyle won't be able to keep his promise to Lola. and if he does not, she should drop him. This man cannot be faithful and is not mature enough to make a choice. Many viewers believe that deep down he is in love with his wife, but she may get tired of finding him around Ms. Rosales. If he does not end the love triangle. Kyle Abbot may lose both women and end up alone.