HBO has released the official teaser for the third episode of the final season of "Game of Thrones." The previous episode focused on the potential last night of all the characters present at Winterfell. They are about to face the long-awaited battle against the White Walkers. The episode ended with the notes of "Jenny's Song" sung by Podryck with the army of the Night King at the gates of Stark House.

Episode 3 of Game Of Thrones Season 8

The teaser gives us a small taste of what will be the longest episode of "Game of Thrones." It will have a duration of 82 minutes.

The Winterfell battle was directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who has already shown his directorial skills with the iconic episode "The Battle of the Bastards." According to Inverse, In the 40-second teaser, which is a fast-paced montage of all the gathered armies in the Seven Kingdom looking cooler than sliced bread, Daenerys tells Jon Snow: “The dead are already here.”

A report from Entertainment Weekly confirmed that the episode in question will contain the longest consecutive battle ever made on television, and will present altogether the largest number of main characters since the show's debut. According to Geek, the last moment of the preview shows Brienne of Tarth shouting a major command to her men and of course, HBO cuts out right there.

Due to the great production commitments, the filming program later became known as "The Long Night." The third episode of the eighth season will debut on the night between 28 and 29 April on Sky Atlantic simultaneously with the release on HBO.

Previous episode

The action and the first deaths will come, but for now, it's right to focus on the living.

And this is what this second episode does. Starting with the redemption path of Jaime Lannister, for the first time since the beginning of the series, the Exterminator of King is defined "a man of honor" (from Brienne, who with his stance saves him from a potential death sentence). Meanwhile, after an anticlimactic encounter with Bran (inevitably hasty now that Bran by his own admission is no longer Brandon Stark and no longer feels anything about the man who made him crippled), he asks Brienne to be able to fight under his command, accepting de facto obeying orders of someone else after years of commanding soldiers.

Together with Sansa, Jaime is perhaps the character that has undergone the greatest evolution during the series, and he is the Knight of the Seven Kingdoms that gives the title to the episode. Two storylines, those of Jaime and Brienne, always linked to each other and somehow are complementary. The appointment of Brienne takes place in front of an unlikely group of witnesses; besides her and Jaime there are Tyrion, Podrick, Davos, and Tormund, all gathered in a room of Winterfell to stall - and drink - before the arrival of the Night King.