Countless “When Calls the Heart” faithful are not the only ones who missed Erin Krakow during her month-long stint away from social media. While she and her castmates were working along with everyone else involved with “When Calls the Heart” to make Season 6 ready for its May 5 and 6 comeback, some of her trademark kindnesses and social media graces were sorely missed. The lovely brunette always is known for remembering birthdays missed a special one, but she’s making up for it in her April 19 message.

The man who plays the new Mountie in town for Hope Valley, Kevin McGarry, didn't escape Erin Krakow’s birthday greeting list just because she and her new co-star have been extremely busy.

A man on his faithful mount

While Erin Krakow confessed that she missed “a very important birthday” during her busy time away, the actress offered a little gift of her own to “When Calls the Heart” viewers.

Accompanying her belated wishes, which were noted as “exactly one month late” to Kevin McGarry, the star included a photo of her new costar, fully donned in is red serge, and sitting atop his faithful horse. His warm smile certainly seems to indicate that Krakow was the photographer. She frequently shares casual photos and snippets from the “When Calls the Heart” set. The easy tilt of Kevin McGarry's head gives the feel that the newcomer to the cast and to Hope Valley has come to feel at home on the Hallmark Channel drama.

McGarry is in good company. Erin Krakow has been showing lots of love to her younger co-stars, Ava Grace Cooper, and Gracyn Shinyei, over the last few days. She is spreading the news about her new Hallmark feature, “Dude Ranch,” alongside Ryan Paevey.

In closing her message, Erin Krakow conveys her exuberance by saying: “Can’t wait for the #Hearties to meet Constable Nathan Grant!

The moment comes at last

There is no doubt that fans of “When Calls the Heart” are as excited to meet Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant as Erin Krakow is to introduce him.

The anticipation of his arrival to Hope Valley has been building since early March, when previews of his premiere episode, “Heart of a Mountie” were already stirring excitement before the original episode was pulled.

With the good news of the continuation of Season 6 and already the confirmation of Season 7, the thrill of the new character’s arrival is surging again, pardon the pun on “serge.” Kevin McGarry and the other handsome newcomer to Hope Valley, Chris McNally as saloon owner Lucas Bouchard are familiar leading men to Hallmark Channel viewers, and both have lavished praise on Erin Krakow.

Kevin McGarry has noted how the actress conveys that “her mind is there with you.” No doubt, her Juilliard School training helps with those professional abilities, but it takes kindness and compassion to make a new cast member sense that being “comfortable” matters more than just nailing a scene.

Chris McNally has credited Krakow with that kind of giving spirit.

No one has seen Lucas Bouchard on horseback yet, but Chris McNally has shared his love for dogs in his social media shares, so there's not much that is unlovable about either of these new gentlemen. Both as Elizabeth and as Erin Krakow, the leading lady has let both of them know that they are welcomed into the “When Calls the Heart” family. In only two weeks, fans will have their chance to meet Nathan Grant.