Kathie Lee Gifford couldn't help but make her last official Monday, April 1, on “Today” extra funny and something to remember, whether she was trying or not. A simple question about a children's song, along with sips from friends and “Today” production family and a very heartfelt gift, made the last Monday as co-host a treasure to remember.

Hoda Kotb, being the devoted mother to Haley Joy that she is, asked Kathie Lee if she had heard the song, “Fire Truck” by children's composer, Ivan Ulz. The song is likely already committed to permanent memory for preschool teachers and parents of anyone under age 5.

Kathie Lee Gifford has not yet been blessed to become a grandmother, so being out of the loop for Toddler Greatest Hits can be forgiven for now. Kathie Lee was not familiar with the already-beloved song in the Schiffman-Kotb abode, so Hoda happily launched into the vocational anthem with characteristic gusto.

Kathie Lee Gifford is a quick enough learner to have mastered all her “Name That Tune ” songs in three days back in her younger day, but she wasn't quite sure where to jump in on “Fire Truck.” The fun and heartfelt memories were just beginning for the last start of the “Today” work week for the TV veteran, and most-connected pair on morning TV.

A tad-bit off-cue

There is almost nothing that Kathie Lee Gifford hasn’t done over her 40+ years in entertainment, from cruise ships to her 15 years of firing back at Regis Philbin with the perfect concoction of sass and love.

Children’s songs, however, seem not to be a forte. Young children love the anticipation of the drawn-out introduction on a favorite tune, but for Gifford, she was ready to jump in about four times as early as she should have been, by the last count, and her grimace said it all.

Hoda Kotb even let Haley Joy take the lead in teaching the tune, showing a clip of her toddler and her older stepsister singing the song and “driving” with paper plate steering wheels on their own imaginary fire truck.

After letting Hoda have her fun with the music, Henry Winkler literally rose from his backstage cot to come out and celebrate Kathie Lee. He even offered a Jewish blessing over her recent and continuing work for film projects in Israel and reminded her that her next chapter can bring adventure and fulfillment that is beyond what she can imagine, as it has been for Winkler in HBO’s “Barry” which earned the actor his first Emmy.

He encouraged her to be excited for all that her new mornings will hold.

Kathie Lee Gifford hosted her own soiree last week for the closest of her “Today” family and more from her storied show business history, but this morning all the morning show’s production team lifted a glass from every corner (and even behind the camera) in her honor. Celebrity favorites like KLG’s “favorite atheist,” Ricky Gervais, and Jay Leno also offer toasts, as did all of her morning colleagues from other networks. Ellen DeGeneres and Twitch do the afternoon shift in most of their syndicated markets, but they made time to cheer Kathie Lee.

An unexpected, special gift

It’s only natural that on the last selections for KLG and Hoda’s “Favorite Things,” which have become fan favorites through their 11 years, Kathie Lee should be able to include some personal choices.

After highlighting favorite books from friends, like Remi Adeleke’s “Transformed” and Craig Ferguson's soon to –be- released “Riding the Elephant,” and some décor supporting women's industries in India, Gifford announced that she had a special piece of art for Kotb.

“I think you're gonna like this one,” she assured before allowing Hoda to help in removing the red cover.

The unveiling exposed a beautiful portrait of the mother holding Haley Joy, with Kathie Lee Gifford’s signature words “My joy is non-negotiable,” beside the signature of the artist, Sydney Clawson, from Nashville.

Kotb became literally breathless, tearful and trembling moving to a heartfelt embrace with Kathie Lee.

Fire Truck!” Gifford yelled as she waved a cue for a commercial break.

She was still not sure of the words as she and Hoda attempt sing the show off the air on this farewell Monday, but was still perfectly in tune.

The collaboration of the “Egyptian journalist” and the “postmenopausal has been” has created memories and television history never to be replicated.