The Wrestlemania 35 event was awesome. We saw huge returns, shocking victories, major title changes, and the return of Hulk Hogan. But one thing that has always been a part of Wrestlemania did not take place at this year's Wrestlemania. Undertaker wasn't there. It is a very rare Wrestlemania without the phenom.

But just one night after Wrestlemania 35, we saw the Deadman's appearance in New York, where he interrupted Elias. It was the time when Elias came to the ring with a guitar, talking about his Wrestlemania orchestra performance and how good that was.

He also spoke about how John Cena interrupted him at Wrestlemania and why, according to him, rapping is not a hard task. He was mad at John Cena for interrupting him at Wrestlemania, and because of this, he was threatening every single man who might interrupt him. He even said the next person to interrupt him would be a dead man. Then, the bell tolled. The Deadman arrives

Is it a challenge for Cena?

Cena attacked Elias. It would make sense if Cena would have come to the ring on "Raw" again and started a rivalry with Elias. But this was not the case, as Undertaker interfered. This could mean that the Undertaker is sending a message to John Cena. At last year's Wrestlemania, John Cena tried to invoke Undertaker, and they both had a very short match.

Soon after this, there were rumors that John Cena and Undertaker would face each other at Wrestlemania 35. But this match did not happen. Could we see a John Cena vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 36?

Undertaker vs John Cena at Wrestlemania 33

They faced each other at Wrestlemania 33 and it was a very easy match for the Undertaker.

He finished the match in under five minutes. Cena tasted the defeat in a very easy manner at the hands of the Undertaker. The buildup to that Wrestlemania match was also not enough, as the Phenom did not even appear at WWE before that Wrestlemania event.

This match could have been huge, as these two superstars are not just superstars of WWE, but they are the icons of the Wrestling entertainment business.

They might not have enough time left to wrestle in WWE, and, therefore, it is time for Vince McMahon to finally make this match happen at Wrestlemania 36. CM Punk also revealed Chris Jericho.

This match should be declared as soon as possible, like the one which was declared for Wrestlemania 27 (John Cena vs The Rock). This was advertised with the tagline of "once in a lifetime match." Something of this sort should be done for the match between the Phenom and the Doctor of Thuganomics as well.