Leah Messer will be seen questioning her children, including nine-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah and five-year-old Adalynn, about their thoughts on her now-ex-boyfriend, Jason Jordan, during tonight's new episode of "Teen Mom 2." In a sneak peek at the new episode shared on YouTube on April 22, Adalynn is asked if she truly heard her sisters saying mean things about Jordan.

"Gracie, did you say that you wanted to poison Jason?" Adalynn asks her older sister as they drive with their mom and Ali down the road. According to Messer, she was told by Aleeah that she never said mean things about her then-boyfriend.

However, according to Adalynn, she heard her sister say she wanted to poison her mother's boyfriend during a party with Aleeah's friends.

Did Leah Messer's daughters 'love' Jason Jordan?

Although Aleeah ultimately admits that she did say that about Jason Jordan, she also says that she was just playing around. Meanwhile, Adalynn continued to rat out her sisters by saying they also wanted to pinch Jason. "But you guys love Jason, right?" Leah Messer then asks. "Yes or no? Just say yes or no!" she continues.

For a while, Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn stay silent. Then, under her breath, Aleeah, the daughter of Corey Simms, mumbles, "Sure." Then, Adalynn, who Messer shares with Jeremy Calvert, adds, "I like him as a friend but I don't like him."

Why did Leah Messer and Jason Jordan split?

Messer and Jason Jordan broke up earlier this year after about a year of on and off dating and a short time after their split was confirmed, rumors began swirling in which Messer was accused of sneaking behind Jordan's back and communicating with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.

However, after Messer was confronted with the reports on Twitter, she offered fans a statement in which she suggested that Jordan was spreading nasty rumors about her in an effort to get attention on himself. Then, the reality star and mother of three hinted that she plenty of negative things she could be saying about him.

Following the online drama between the ex-couple, Starcasm shared what Leah Messer had written.

“This doesn’t surprise me. Tag me where you saw this," she said after being told about the rumors Jordan was trying to spread. "TRUST ME: [Jason Jordan] doesn’t want me to go on record and set things straight," she warned. "So the best thing he can do is keep his SMALL talk attention seeking behavior to himself! IF HE CAN……..”

The former couple went public with their romance last June during a family trip to Florida.

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