"General Hospital," spoiler alerts say Kristina's initiation into "The Trust" of Dawn of Day is about to begin. Tensions are high as Alexis, Sonny, Jason, and Sam try to figure out the best way to help her. They are finding out that DoD has some influential Genoa City residents who are fans and realize the cult leader is trying to take over the city. Shiloh has big plans for Krissy and is having things set up in the attic of the DoD house. His ritual definitely includes a tattoo, and possibly drugs and an assault. The big question is whether or not she can be saved before things go too far or is she already in too deep?

Shiloh is setting Kristina up in 'General Hospital'

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Kristina's initiation begins on Tuesday and she has no idea what she is getting herself into. She has cut off practically all of her family and friends and borrowed money from Michael and Julian to give to Dawn of Day. She told her leader a family secret that could come back to bite her. Krissy believes she is joining a special inner circle called "The Trust" because she has passed all of Shiloh's tests. Spoiler alerts, however, reveal that something dark and dangerous is awaiting Krissy in the DoD attic.

Alexis asked her therapist for assistance in getting her daughter out of the cult, while Michael has been gleaning information from Willow.

'JaSam' are pretending to be broken up while Sam gives Shiloh the impression she wants to join DoD. Sonny's hands are tied because if he makes a move against the cult leader it will alienate Kristina from him. Time is running out and the initiation is close at hand. Shiloh has done a good job of setting Krissy up for a big fall.

She may, however, get an eleventh-hour reprieve because of her sister.

Sam may save Kristina from DoD

Spoilers say Sam will sneak into the Dawn of Day attic and be shocked at what she finds. However, she will leave before Kristina's initiation begins, most likely to tell Jason what she discovered. Meanwhile, Daisy and another member of DoD will prepare Krissy for what is to come.

They will give her a special ceremonial dress to wear and encourage her. Spoilers say the omen will be vague and not give her too much detail so she really has no idea what to expect.

Soap Dirt says there will be a dangerous twist to the initiation but does not indicate whether it's Kristina or Shiloh who gets the rug pulled from underneath them. Fans are hoping Jason will come to the rescue as he did when he dropped through the skylight to save Sam and when he found Carly in Canada. Be sure to tune in Tuesday to find out what happens in the Dawn of Day attic. Be watching for spoilers to give updates when they become available and continue watching "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.