''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers tell that Oscar's death is very close and that Shiloh is determined to bring Kristina back to the sect. Joss can't overcome her guilt about what happened to her son. Oscar is only a few days old and only a miracle can save him. His stay at the Quartermaine nursing home will only be a short journey to death. Meanwhile, Shiloh has unmasked Brad and it won't take long for him to discover the alliance between Sam and Jason. His priority is to bring Kristina back to the sect and not let the police find out that in that damn house they use drugs to manipulate the adepts.

Shiloh now has three people to pay for the betrayal of the DoD: Kristina, Brad, and Sam. Archer is clever and has realized that Sam is not as loyal and sincere as he would have us believe. ''GH'' spoilers say also that If Shiloh finds out about the alliance between Jason and Sam, it's going to be serious trouble for her and she could pay for it with her own life.

'General Hospital': Oscar's death breaks Josslyn's heart

''General Hospital'' latest spoilers reveal that Josslyn won't be able to react to Monica's words. According to Celebrity Laundry, Oscar's mother does not accept that she will soon lose her son and that she will have to face the dramatic path of palliative care with him. Carly will try to stay close to Joss, but she too is devastated by the pain.

The boy is now in the clinic of Dr. Monica and Dr. Terry, who try in every way to alleviate his suffering. This week will be decisive for the fate of Oscar, who will probably leave us soon and with a broken heart. The storyline of this unfortunate boy is reminiscent of that of Robin and Stone, who had touched fans of the soap opera.

''GH'' spoilers say that Carly will call Jasper to tell him the terrible news. Jacks will travel to join his daughter and will arrive just in time to give Oscar his final greeting. The boy's death could be an opportunity to reconnect Joss with her father.

Joss could lose her head after Oscar's death

Spoilers of the next episodes of ''General Hospital'' reveal that Oscar's death will deeply mark Josslyn.

She has not yet overcome the mourning for Morgan. According to Soap Opera Spy, Carly and Jacks will stay close to her daughter, who however could react very badly and lose control. Meanwhile, Kristina's situation is not resolved at all. Shiloh does not accept that he has been deceived by Brad and Jason. The head of the DoD will look everywhere for Kristina and will be willing to make her pay for the betrayal of the sect. What will the mind have? We just have to look forward to the next ''General Hospital'' (GH) spoilers that, as always, ensure strong emotions.