"General Hospital" viewers, as well as Port Charles residents, have been given a long period of time to prepare for the death of Oscar Nero. Recent events seem to indicate that the time of his demise is drawing near. Should the teen succumb to the tumor in his brain, there are two positives that may come from this tragic situation. Drew and Kim's son may give his blessing for his girlfriend Joslyn and his best Cameron to look out for each other when he is gone. If he is an organ donor, Oscar's kidney may be donated to save the life of police commissioner Jordan Ashford, who on Wednesday found out that she needed a transplant.

Cameron and Joslyn may hookup thanks to Oscar

Last summer on "General Hospital" it became clear that Cameron Weber was falling in love with his life long friend. When he found out that Oscar was dying, Cam stepped aside and supported Joslyn in her efforts to help the terminally ill teen enjoy his last days. The three teens along with Trina traveled to Niagara Falls where Joss and her boyfriend had a motel room together. It looked as though they were going to make love when young Mr. Nero had a major seizure.

Drew and Kim showed up to find their son weak but alert and promised to get him back to Port Charles where they could better access his condition. It's clear that Oscar's last days are drawing to a close unless there is some type of miracle and he possibly may not leave Canada alive.

Outside the hospital room, Cameron hugged Joss as he and Trina offered support.

Jordan may benefit if Oscar dies

Back in Port Charles, Jordan Ashford is in need of a kidney donor. It's only logical that should Oscar pass away, his organ would be given to the police commissioner. It would be fitting for Jordan to receive new life after young Mr.

Nero passes away, but spoilers have not gone so far as to suggest such a scenario. Sharp viewers might see where this storyline is headed. Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt both do indicate that a lot will happen in Niagara Falls.

Since Joslyn did not get her night alone with Oscar there is always the chance that Canada is where they will say their final goodbye.

In time, Cameron and his childhood friend may grow closer and explore their feelings for each other and, at the appropriate time, they may enjoy the type of relationship that might have been meant for the two of them all along. If Jordan is the recipient of Oscar's kidney, then a part of him will continue to live on.