This past January, brothers Tyler and Ryan Falcoa released an 80s-inspired musical single titled "Psycho." While the song was inspired by artists such as Prince, David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury, the Falcoa boys pride themselves on writing unique Music and uniquely performing their songs. Social media has been an enormous factor in the songs growing popularity.

Along with their unique sound, the Rhode Island natives have earned appeal for their charming demeanors. They started out playing in local clubs and bars and have steadily risen to prominence.

The brothers’ journey has not been easy. Older brother, Tyler, suffered a serious football injury which rendered him unable to play; shortly after the boys' house caught on fire. To cope with all this anxiety, they wrote music.

By 2010, the boys were well-known on Facebook as a cover band of Top 40 hits. In 2018, they released seven singles that amassed over two million views. Since then, the duo has accumulated more than 140,000 YouTube subscribers, and a total of 25 million views, their "retro, and real" sound is more popular than ever.

The Falcoa brothers recently granted an exclusive interview, discussing these successes and more.

Music, siblings, and YouTube

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you two initially get into 80s music and what about that time period most appeals to you?

Falcoa Brothers (FB): Our Dad always played his favorite music around the house; everything from Sinatra, Elvis to Kiss and Def Leppard. He was 18 in 1981 so the music of that time made an impression on him, which he then passed onto us.

MM: Growing up, was music a significant presence in your life?

FB: Growing up, music was a huge part of our lives!

It was another outlet that helped us bond as brothers. We listened and learned how to play our favorite songs together.

MM: Do you enjoy working together and have you any other siblings?

FB: We have no other siblings. We love working together even through all the ups and downs that come with working in a pair. We know that at the end of the day, we have each other’s backs.

MM: Why do you enjoy doing covers so much and which songs are your favorites to perform?

FB: Playing covers can give any artist a plethora of knowledge when it comes to music structure and songwriting! We feel like our favorite covers to perform are the classics that everyone sings along to like “Brown Eyed Girl,” or “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

MM: What was the experience of starting YouTube like for you? How rapidly did your fan base grow?

FB: For us, starting YouTube was a journey that we could have never anticipated. It was a relief because we felt as though we now had this opportunity to be heard just like all the artists we looked up to. Our fan base multiplied once we started to post funny videos.

Once it plateaued, we started posting cover videos which skyrocketed our fan base to 140,000 subscribers and counting!

Songs, fans, and events

MM: Which songs do your fans enjoy most and how fun is it to interact with them on social media?

FB: Our fans enjoy our original music because it’s something that they have discovered in the early stages of our career. We’re writing and producing our music in our basement, and we feel there is a sort of magic to that. From our basement, straight to their ears. Our music is for them. As far as social media, we go on just to talk to them! We respond to all YouTube comments, Instagram comments, and Tweets! We absolutely love to be personal with our fans.

MM: You play live gigs too, what do you most enjoy about those events?

FB: The best part about playing live is being able to meet the people who support us, face to face! You truly build a stronger, familiar connection once you meet a supporter at a live show. It sort of feels like meeting a long lost friend.

MM: How has music helped you combat the stressors of life?

FB: Both of us deal with anxiety and depression. To us, music is the soul that doesn’t judge. It helps us put our fears and worries into words. That in itself is everything, for the people who battle within themselves.

MM: Can you tell us about “Psycho” and what is coming up for you in 2019?

FB: “Psycho” is about embracing yourself. It’s about shedding light on the parts of us that most people wouldn’t talk about.

We’re all human; we all have something to celebrate. 2019 will be a great year for releasing new originals. We also will be taking our live show on the road to meet fans in the college circuit.

MM: How do you project your careers will evolve in the next couple of years?

FB: We are working to become original artists who continue to inspire, release music and tour. We want to be able to reach and help as many listeners as we can. This is for them.