Kristii is a singer who is currently anticipating the release of “Lightning,” her single with Chris Brown. The song blends R&B with rap. Kristii is known for her work in EDM, and she's now embracing pop. "Lightning" can be listened to via YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Interestingly, "Lightning" was recorded in two separate countries; Chris Brown was in Los Angeles while Kristii was in Vienna and it was produced by the Grammy winner, Adonis Shropshire.

Kristii was influenced by musical artists such as Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, and she's excited to tour with Chris Brown this summer.

Kristii recently discussed her career, her experiences in show business, and her aspirations for the future in an exclusive Interview.

Musical style and inspirations

Blasting News (BN): What prompted you to enter the field of music and what singing styles do you most enjoy?

Kristii: Of all the things out there in the world, music was always something that attracted me most of all in life. I´m a girl from a small town who always loved to sing and was always very active and happy. People would call me “sunshine girl.” I would annoy my parents and friends with shows that I would perform every evening. I loved to put on make-up and costumes, whatever was laying around the house, and I'd imagine I was a real star.

I love singing all styles, but my most favorite are probably pop and R&B.

BN: How did you manage to break into the very competitive music industry?

Kristii: I started my career with a film, “Chagall-Malevich” where I played the lead role of Bella Rosenfeld, the wife of the genius painter of the 20th century, Marc Chagall. I sang a lot in the movie too.

The film traveled to more than twenty-two film festivals around the world this spring. I even got to do interviews in LA and to NY which was fun.

After that, I made an acting show-reel with a highly respected movie director, and I decided to sing in it. That decision actually led to my meeting my future music manager! He recorded my vocals for the reel, and after the session, he suggested I start a serious music career and that he would want to work with me.

That’s how it all began. I came to the USA as an actress and left as a pop singer (laughs).

BN: How did you initially meet Chris Brown and then get to work with him?

Kristii: I have actually never met Chris in person! We spoke on Skype that´s how we wrote “Lightning"! Of course, we had the help of other producers too. Working with Chris is a dream come true! Chris is a real professional, so creative, musically smart and a great person too; I learned a lot from him.

Fans and future performances

BN: What have been some of the greatest and most memorable experiences you've had with your fans?

Kristii: My fans are the sweetest people on earth! I am so grateful to have them in my life and to have their support.

Last week, three kids came up to me for a photo, and the youngest girl said, ''I´m so happy to finally take a photo with a real pop-star!'' That was so amazing!

BN: How many songs have you worked on and did you have any favorites?

Kristii: Before ''Lightning’’, I recorded more in the EDM genre. Choosing a favorite is hard. Maybe may last release, “Recovery,” because it was my first to break onto the top ten on the Billboard charts. It was also the song that brought me to the attention of Chris Brown.

BN: What was your childhood like and do you think it impacted your life of music in any way?

Kristii: Music was always around me; my grandfather was a military orchestra conductor. I always looked up to him and, in a way, wanted to be like him.

My granny was a singer in a band, and she would sing Beatles songs at home, and as I grew older, we would often sing them together.

BN: What is coming up next for you regarding performances and projects?

Kristii: I'm performing Atlantic City on July 30 at Summer Sessions. I’ll be sharing the stage with 50 Cent and Sean Paul and more big stars. When I think about it, it’s all so unbelievable! I also want to say I´m so grateful to be living my dream and I have my awesome fans to thank for it.