Singer and actor Gavin Magnus has landed lead and/hosting roles for major entertainment companies including Dreamworks TV, Nickelodeon, and Minor Renovations. Now, before reaching through an age of twelve, the young talent has just signed a deal for his debut album—and shows enough promise to have been compared to Justin Bieber.

Boasting about 270,000 followers on Instagram, Gavin will appear on a television show called “Brat” which will air later this year. His fans worldwide have enjoyed his YouTube-based documentary series which he created alongside Piper Rockelle.

Now he is enjoying the successful release of his new song titled “Crushin”—the Music video for which garnered 2.1 million views!

Gavin discussed his rising fame and more via an exclusive interview on March 10, 2019.

Entertainment, social media, and characters

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially get interested in the entertainment industry and how did you land your first role?

Gavin Magnus (GM): Honestly, I was singing since around four years old. I used to tell my mom that I wanted to be just like Justin Bieber and act too. My brother was also an actor when he was younger and inspired me.

MM: When did social media become a big part of your life and how did that help you rise to fame?

GM: I started at eight doing YouTube and one day I looked at my videos, and a couple had over a million views; it was crazy!

I decided to do more skits and vlogs. I would say the big turn was when I went on a tour called "Boys of Summer” tour. Seventeen cities in two months, it was crazy, and I was the youngest one there. Most of the kids were really big influencers, but that tour really helped me grow. I would do Instagram stories and post pics etc.

while on tour.

MM: Do you enjoy playing character parts or hosting shows more?

GM: That’s a tough one. I like them both equally; both give me a rush. I love to perform for my fans.

MM: How did you establish your YouTube documentary series and what’s that like to film?

GM: Recently I have been working with a great friend Piper Rockelle, and she already had a series and a bigger channel, so she asked me to do a few videos with her, and within like a month I had my music video that went viral; “Crushin,” which Piper starred in.

Filming, in general, is great. It’s a lot longer hours than you would imagine. Yesterday we did four videos and started at 10:00 AM. We literally went until midnight. Then there is the editing in which I don’t personally have a team of people that help us. I do however put my creative input together.

MM: Can you tell us about your upcoming show “Brat”?

GM: I can’t say much right now, but I’m hoping to say more soon. Stay tuned.

Singing, music videos, and fans

MM: What led you to start singing and how did you secure your first album contract?

GM: I used to sing when I was a toddler in my mom’s kitchen. I would wear necklaces and dress like Bieber; haha. I signed with Drew Right Music about a year ago, and he’s been there supporting me from the start.

He’s an amazing manager and producer. He produced my viral song “Crushin” and ever since then we’ve been really busy!

MM: What inspired your new single “Crushin” and how much input did you have over the music video themes and look?

GM: I actually sat with my producer and thought about what would be relatable to my audience. That’s really how it started. I also have had a few crushes!

MM: What experiences with your fans and their feedback has been the best and why?

GM: My favorite experiences have been “Boys of Summer” definitely and random meetings at the malls. There are always fans at malls and sometimes there just so random like in the food court. I love every single meeting and feel so blessed to make others smile.

MM: How do you want your career as both an actor and singer to evolve in 2019 and beyond?

GM: I would like to get a role as a series regular and keep on making viral music. It’s my dream to one day play at the largest stadium Madison Square gardens.

MM: Would you like to mention anything else, Gavin?

GM: I’d like to tell everyone to stay positive. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard don’t do this or that, and I persevered. Keep dreaming big.