Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that the love triangle with Kyle, Lola, and Summer is about to take a turn towards the dark side. Misunderstandings and misinformation will once again cause Rey and Arturo's sister to go off the deep end. All the action will begin with a showdown at the Abbott cabin and may end up with Ms. Rosales being in grave danger. Summer's selfishness and meddling will yet again cause heartache for others. There is the possibility of a serious accident which will land someone in the hospital Kyle will find himself in a situation where he will have to make a painful decision.

Lola's indecision opens the door for Summer

On Tuesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Kyle left Genoa City and headed to the Abbott cabin all alone after talking to his dad. Summer later would show up looking for him but Jack would not reveal his location. Lola drops by the house and Jack tells her she will find his son at the family getaway spot. At the end of the episode Summer had figured it out, showed up at the cabin and asked Kyle if he had room for a snowflake. Spoilers say Summer will make a play for Kyle but he will insist they can only be friends.

Both Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt reveal that Ms. Rosales will walk in on what looks like an intimate moment and flee. She has no idea that Kyle brushed Summer off yet again.

The spoilers tease that Lola will speed away in her brother's truck and could possibly be in an accident. CDL says they received insider information on the "Y&R" script and that next week Lola will be in danger and Kyle and Mariah will be keeping vigil at the hospital. It is looking like Arturo's sister might crash his truck, and obtain serious injuries.

Kyle must choose between Summer and Lola

Hunter King, who portrays Summer, said in an interview that the love triangle between her character, Kyle and Lola will go back and forth for months. If spoilers are correct, and Ms. Rosales ends up in the hospital, Kyle will no doubt stick by her side and push Ms. Newman away, at least for now.

Eventually, he will have to choose but it will not be easy. Lola has refused all romantic gestures, claimed business comes first and has broken up with young Mr. Abbott twice.

Summer knew that Kyle was in love with her, but flirted, teased, and toyed with his affection. She tossed him aside for Billy who only gave her a one-night hookup. Ms. Newman only wanted Kyle back when she realized he was trying to move on with Lola. Will Kyle choose to wait for Ms. Rosales, or give in to the daughter of Nick and Phyllis who is willing to give him the passion and romance he desires? Be on the lookout for updated "Y&R" spoilers related to this love triangle as they become available.