Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that a current front-burner storyline will take a little while to short out. Hunter King recently gave an interview where she dished about her character Summer Newman. The actress said she was happy to be back in Genoa City and hopes her alter ego will stick around for a very long time. She also emphasized that the love triangle with Victor's granddaughter, Kyle, and Lola is not going to be resolved anytime soon. King said it may take several months before Kyle chooses which woman he truly loves, or one of the young ladies makes the decision for him.

Summer wants Kyle who wants Lola

Lola has done everything to sabotage her relationship with Kyle, including actually breaking his heart. She ended things after misunderstanding why he gave her an expensive handbag for Christmas. The duo made up but on Monday Ms. Rosales refused Young Mr. Abbott's invitation for a romantic Valentine's Day give away. Lola continues to put work before play and Summer is waiting in the wings for another chance with the man she blew off for Billy.

Soap Opera Spy points out and Hunter King agrees that each time it looks like Kyle will choose Lola something happens to put Summer in his orbit. Just when it seems he will give in to Ms. Newman, Ms. Rosales comes around.

Previously Summer jerked Kyle around like a lovesick puppy but now the shoe seems to be on the other foot. The fact that Arturo and Rey's younger sister is a virgin and not yet sure if Jack's son is the one only complicates things more.

Kyle may give in to Summer

On Monday, Summer witnessed Lola handing the invitation back to Kyle after telling him that she could not take time off fro her job.

Soap Dirt indicates that Ms.Newman may attempt to take advantage of the situation but does not reveal if her intended will give in to her or not. Spoilers say Summer has a plan in place and will go all out to get the man she loves. She was relentless in her pursuit of Billy and will probably have the same determination this time if not more.

Kyle is trying to prove he can be a good guy and not pressure Lola but he is used to relationships that include making love. Lola is not going to budge from her determination to be a successful businesswoman. She will not be pressured into having an intimate relationship before she is ready and does not seem comfortable in the world of the rich and famous. All of this may push young Mr. Abbott right into the waiting arms of Ms. Newman who is all too willing to give him what he needs. Be on the lookout for updated "Y&R" spoilers as they become available.