Netflix has just released "The Umbrella Academy" on its streaming platform. While Netflix has begun canceling Marvel shows left and right, that's giving them more room to launch their own line of superhero series such as "The Umbrella Academy." This new series stands out from the rest of superhero flicks.

This latest show is a gamble for Netflix. Vulture reports that as Disney gets ready to launch its streaming service DisneyPlus, we will be forced to say goodbye to the remaining Marvel/Netflix series. This leaves Netflix looking for some fresh intellectual property and Netflix's "The Umbrella Academy," seems like a massive hit for them.

'The Umbrella Academy' shortened season but still tells an interesting story

The series is comprised of 10 episodes, each an hour long. This is a much smaller serving of episodes, for those who have grown accustomed to overly long seasons, such as "Travelers" and "Iron Fist." This new series boasts a hit ensemble cast including Ellen Page, Tom Hooper, and Mary J. Blige, who continues to improve her work as an actress.

The show has a very unique and interesting premise that involves 43 infants, all born through mysterious circumstances at the same time. A stranger ends up adopting seven of the infants and raises them, leading him to form the Umbrella Academy, and then he dies. His death causes the children to solve the mystery of his death.

'The Umbrella Academy' is a unique take on the superhero genre

"The Umbrella Academy" could be best described as a mix of X-Men and Harry Potter, with a strong blend of mystery, that leaves fans looking for answers. These children end up having to fighting an enemy in order to save their world. It's a must-see show for those who are fans of mysteries and superhero stories.

This is definitely one of Netflix's latest massive hits.

As usual, Netflix is not expected to release viewership numbers of their latest series. However, many subscribers have offered praise for "The Umbrella Academy." All episodes of this new unique comic book show are now available on the streaming platform. With this new series, Netflix enters the superhero wars, taking on the DC Universe and the Marvel/Disney lineup of superhero shows.

TV Guide points out that as viewers complete the first season, many are left wondering how the second season will pan out and if they will answer the questions created by season one. However, Netflix has not confirmed a second season but based on how popular the show is, it's almost guaranteed that there will be a second season.