Grammy winners lists were leaked on social media. On February 10, the first of the four major awards in the show business industry will be the Grammys on its 61st annual awards night. That is two weeks before the 91st Academy Awards. Its nominees for this year, spread across 84 categories in 31 music genres and fields, were announced in December of last year.

But a Twitter post this Monday, January 28, purported to spoil the surprise for Grammy followers waiting for next month. It apparently contained the list of winners from the large pool of nominees, and the choices threw social media into consternation until the Grammy governing body declared the list fake.

List for 2019 not real

The Recording Academy had a spokesperson tell CNN that the alleged winners' list for the 2019 Grammy Awards was a fabrication with no legitimacy. And indeed, not long after the official Grammy statement came out, the original tweet containing the list was deleted. The poster even included a video which, as USA Today reports, supposedly showed the (fake) list being uploaded on the official Recording Academy website. But the Recording Academy states that the actual winners are not actually made known until the awarding ceremony itself.

Among the 61st Grammy Award nominees indicated by the post as having won for 2019 included “I Like It” by Cardi B. As Record of the Year, Lady Gaga’s “Swallow” from her recent blockbuster musical film “A Star is Born” was named Song of the Year, as it has been in the 76th Golden Globes earlier this month.

Many people on social media were caught off guard by the reveals and were upset to have been fooled once the truth was made known.

Some fake winners might actually get a Grammy

Despite having been disproved, some of the listed winners in the fake 61st Grammy awardee list have some clout. One particular music artist is Kendrick Lamar, who has the most nominations this 2019 in eight categories.

This is connected to his work on the soundtrack for Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther,” with his music and the film scoring several nominations, including for the 91st Oscars later in February. Lamar is followed by Drake with seven nominations of his own.

The Grammys are presented by The Recording Academy, the counterpart to the Oscars’ AMPAS and the Emmys’ ATAS.

The ceremony this year will be hosted by Alicia Keys and will air on CBS this February 10. The actual winners will be made known at that time.

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