On any stage, Carrie Underwood consistently belts out stratospheric notes which define her Country Music prowess. The country music princess is equally admired for her complete devotion to motherhood, and showing off her beautiful family in the best way she can. There was definitely something almost superhuman in Carrie Underwood’s singing when she gave her son, Isaiah, a serenade for his 4th birthday, and while it was surely from the heart, there was some help from chemistry.

On top of mom singing, the occasion was celebrated in perfect style with Isaiah’s chosen theme of “Muppets Most Wanted,” and he could not have wanted for more.

Authentic love, and science

Carrie Underwood has a catalog of songs about the struggles of life and the worthwhile endeavor of striving for the high road. She is just as real when it comes to a special song for her son. The superstar mom never conceals that she takes a giant breath from a big yellow balloon full of helium. Her lung capacity, alone, gulping the ethereal element down is something to be admired.

Carrie then lets it rip with the birthday classic, as his dad reminds their son to sit down. Not only does mom keep in perfect pitch, but she also adds an incredible run into the song that would make Miss Piggy jealous. Isaiah is completely captivated, staring adoringly at his mom, and he’s also onto her trick.

He grabs the balloon, trying to take his own breath. Carrie gently guides the balloon near his mouth, saying “let me show you…”

Her hands are full in another way, beyond her eldest son’s birthday enthusiasm. Little brother, Jacob Bryan, born in January, has his head cradled in his mother's hand and rests undisturbed by all the jubilation in his peach-colored romper.

The idyllic joy and childlike wonder of this family memory, captured forever, is especially precious after the candid and courageous disclosure from Underwood regarding the trauma of three miscarriages before the blessing of their second son’s arrival. Dad, retired NHL player, Mike Fisher, gushed that “You are a gift from our Lord!” Carrie Underwood continued the reflection in gratitude for the couple’s “little miracle,” noting that “our hearts are full, our eyes are tired, and our lives are changed forever.

Life is good.”

Muppet friends for all

There was no count on the guest list for Isaiah’s birthday celebration, but he got to be an honored guest among his dad’s former teammates, Roman Josi and Milan Lucic of the Edmonton Oilers, right before the Nashville Predators game the day after he turned 4.

Judging from the “Most Wanted Frog” cake created just for Isaiah, there were enough Muppet characters and memories for everyone. Carrie shared the confection on social media, which displays Kermit the Frog wearing a “4” on a birthday hat, and his hand on a tiny cake with Miss Piggy. Fozzie Bear and the Swedish Chef are also depicted, along with “ISAIAH” in prominent block letters. Underwood credited Ivey Cakes and Ivey Childers for the personalized sweet.

Miss Piggy might be jealous that Carrie Underwood can hit impossible notes, even on a playful “Happy Birthday,” but as another song, known by this family, reminds the world, “Love Wins,” and that is even truer when everyone is allowed to play.