Seungri (born in 1990) is the youngest member of Big Bang, a musical group. At the music nights of the group, he often takes the role of storyteller. Most recently, Seungri has been exposed to a series of disastrous scandals. Police have launched an investigation into an allegation that K-pop star Seungri of Big Bang ordered his employees to procure sexual favors for his investors at a nightclub. Entertainment company YG also announced the cancellation of Seungri's concert in March. Jakarta Post reported that on 27 February, the youngest member of the Big Bang arrived at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Station at 9:00 PM local time to be questioned on the allegations of drug trafficking and prostitution services at the Burning Sun nightclub.

Allegations against Seungri

According to the South China Morning Post, the nightclub said to have been headed by Seungri was investigated for alleged drug trafficking, sexual violence, and hidden cameras. Although the nightclub CEO said Seungri was only a consultant and was not involved in management, the public still asked him to be investigated. Earlier on February 26, an exclusive report by SBS funE revealed a text message containing conversations Seungri provided prostitution services for business investors. The accusation was denied by Seungri through YG Entertainment and he said that the text message was made up.

After eight and a half hours of interrogation by police, he was released. Seungri also gave an explanation to the media waiting for him in front of the police station.

He flatly denied allegations of prostitution at Burning Sun and claimed he never had a conversation about prostitution via text message. "I don't even remember because it's been more than three years. I never exchanged messages like that," Seungri said. Seungri's attitude itself attracted mixed comments from netizens. Some say that Seungri should focus on investigating his accusations in the scandals.

G-Dragon could leave Big Bang

He stated that he never exchanged the text messages disclosed by Internet news site SBS Fun-E as evidence of the sex-for-favors allegations and that he has no memory of what happened that day more than three years ago, reports Yonhap News Agency. Meanwhile, G-Dragon is also in the spotlight of many people.

The Big Bang leader is reportedly unable to be promoted to rise to rank in the military because he often takes days off to reach 100 days. Unexpectedly, there were many netizens who flooded Taeyang's Instagram comments. Netizens ask that Taeyang leave Big Bang because the group is often hit with oblique news.