''Game of Thrones'' will, once and for all, put a cap on what has been an amazing adventure across the fantastic realm of Westeros and its surrounding territories. According to IMDb, the final season of the HBO show will premiere on April 14. That date on the calendar is widely considered as one of the hottest spots of the TV series industry this spring and for good reasons.

While fans from all over the world are holding their breath up until the show resume, the scarcity of inside videos, trailers or teasers may be cause for discomfort.

Less than seven weeks until Season 8 premieres, all the official insight on the show resumes to a short teaser from a couple of months ago, followed by an official trailer.

Another GoT trailer may help with the speculations spree

What's been happening with ''Game of Thrones'' is not a new thing. When there's a lack of legitimate information and updates, some may tend to fill in the blanks on their own.

As an example in support of the fact, according to winteriscoming.net, some have already started creating their own ''Game of Thrones'' season 8 trailers. Well, given the extent of this particular show's influence, this may not be that shocking. At most, it shows how far some are willing to take their passion.

Another fresh-out-of-the-oven Season 8 trailer may produce another tide when it comes to fans' interest for the show. Dropping it in the sometime during the upcoming few weeks could be a wise decision.

Moreover, it may help to temper the speculations spree that's been going around lately. But, as in any other delicate matter, it could also have an opposite effect. A freshly-released teaser or trailer could make a proper breeding ground for other far-stretched theories.

The official teaser and trailer for Season 8

As much as the excitement level on seeing another trailer for the show goes, the facts are clear.

At this moment, the final season has two coordinates when it comes to official updates.

Back in December, a short teaser cleared some of the muddy waters regarding the final season. At that time, it was a huge update as the content revealed an official date for its return.

It took a while for another official teaser to emerge.

Back in January, al almost two-minute long video surfaced. It contained precious information, as well as the exact date for the final season's premiere.

At this time, it's rather pointless to emphasize how big of an impact another official trailer would make. Fans want to know as much as possible as the official date for the show's return approaches.