Park Seo-Joon recently did a photo shoot with Dazed Korea fashion magazine. According to Soompi, Fashion and culture magazine Dazed Korea recently shared an interview with Park Seo-Joon for their upcoming March issue. The photoshoot will come out in Dazed Korea magazine's March 2019 edition. Also, Fans can read Joon’s complete interview, and see more photos, in Dazed Korea’s March issue and on their website. Joon is still cool in the style of appearance and clothing that looks relaxed in this photo shoot. The actor completes his appearance with black glasses.

The actor modeled a casual chic look in wide pants, sunglasses, and more, in the pictorial completed in London, reports Allkpop.


Dazed Magazine was originally created in the UK. The actor also talked about his upcoming movie, he said, “The Divine Fury started filming late last year. I think it will be released in the second half of this year." After that, Park shared that he did not feel tired after each scene, so there was little regret. It seems that Park Seo-Joon always wants to show the best and work harder so he always feels something is regrettable. The storyline of the movie is not yet confirmed.

When doing a photo shoot in London, it turns out that there is someone that Park Seo-Joon wants to meet.

Joon is turned out to be a huge fan of Son Heung Min. He said, "I want to meet Son Heung Min." To those who don't know, Son Heung Min is a footballer who is very proud of the people of South Korea because of his achievements at Tottenham Hotspur Club and also his achievements while competing with the South Korean national club.

Joon is one of Son Heung Min's fan and has uploaded a photo of them both on Instagram. Son is expected to share his growth and life as a soccer player on his first-ever variety show.

New pics

Meanwhile, Dazed Magazine also released Oh Yeon Seo's new photos in March on the same day as Joon. It is known that the photo of the female star was taken in Japan.

Each photo creates a unique and unusual feeling in the context of a traditional, ancient hotel, instead of the city center in Cherry Blossom. On the other hand, Oh Yeon Sao shared that she is currently considering her next film projects and will soon return to the screen soon, promising to meet the public through good work. Her latest film was broadcasted at the end of 2017 and ended in early 2018. After that, the actress confirmed to date "beautiful male than flower" star Kim. After nearly a year, both decided to separate.