For “America's Got Talent: The Champions” the showbiz tradition of saving the best for last certainly applied to February 4’s Week 5 of the competition. The light dance troupe, Attraction, from Season 7 of “Britain's Got Talent” began the night with dynamic images of family and American patriotism, before Season 5 runner-up, Jackie Evancho, took the stage. Many will never forget her wondrous Season 5 stint on “America's Got Talent,” as a 10-year-old. Her flawless operatic voice was so beyond belief that the judges asked her to verify it as her own.

Witnessing the gift of her voice was transforming for viewers, and the years since have been transformative for Evancho, who recently has been very candid about the negative aspects of the entertainment industry.

There was only applause and cheers of appreciation after her performance of “The Music of the Night,” with Simon Cowell crediting that Jackie is “better now” than when she surprised America as never before. There were many old friends from the US and abroad who gave their best on this last chance of “America's Got Talent: The Champions” before next week's finals. In a night of song, scares, smiles, and dazzling artistry, a surprise was also in store.

Heidi's favorite has a great moment

Singers have had a great run on this shortened selection for “The Champions,” but not even Jackie Evancho was left standing as a finalist by the end of the night. The comedian Lee Ridley, commonly known as the Lost Voice Guy and winner of Season 12 of “Britain's Got Talent,” brought roars of laughter with his self-effacing humor programmed into his voice articulation device.

Cerebral palsy can indeed have a positive purpose for this comic wit, and Heidi Klum praised that “You are teaching all of us,” and leaving everyone smiling, too.

Heidi Klum had a wonderful reason to smile when the next performer came out. It was none other than her beloved Long Island crooner, Sal Valentinetti. The supermodel started yelling “SAAAALLLL” from the instant the singer took the stage, and he absolutely had Heidi and the whole audience in the palm of his hand for “Mack The Knife.” The singer altered lyrics to include every judge personally, and Simon admitted to being “slightly starstruck.” Sal has honed his showmanship to fine art, but all Heidi could say was that he was “sooo cute.”

The judges’ panel and every person in the audience were awestruck by the talents of Tokio Myers on piano.

Combined millions have seen the prodigy’s innovative talents across the keys after his win last year on “Britain's Got Talent.” He performed “Bloodstream” for “America's Got Talent: The Champions” and Howie Mandel called him “the next Quincy Jones.” One of the reasons that this winter series has been so welcome is that it has allowed talents like Myers to be introduced to America.

The sand artist steals hearts and gold

The emotion was already ramped up when Ukrainian sand artist, Kseniya Simonova, took the stage. In her profile segment, Simonova described how she began using sand as an artistic media as a child, and then progressed to creating scenes in a small apartment with her family. The audience was completely hushed as she began her scene of a young boy being born and then ripped from his family, growing older, and forgetting those bonds.

Host Terry Crews is known as a dancing funny man and former football player but also has never been shy to show his sensitive side. His voice cracked as he described the emotion that the artist had elicited through her creation. Coming to the judges’ table, he said he had never witnessed anything like this, and pressed the golden buzzer. The artist was too overcome, at the moment, to speak, wrapped in Crews’ congratulatory hug. She spoke of how being able to buy a house came from her success in “Ukraine's Got Talent.” Her time in this competition may bring much more for Simonova.

After a daredevil performance by Australian danger artist, Cosentino, which came close to leaving the stage blazing, it was nice to hear the soulful synchronization in harmony of Season 9 “America's Got Talent” favorites, Sons of Serendip.

The group received a solid standing ovation from the panel and the audience after singing “Somewhere Only We Know.” Mel B called them “dreamy and angelic,” and Simon Cowell admitted, “you got me.”

It takes guts for a reigning champion of “America's Got Talent” to put himself up against world champions to compete, but that's just what magician, Shin Lim did has the final performer of the night. He called Terry Crews to the stage, allowing the host to be as close as possible to the decks of cards and those hands of the card magician that move in a trance-like motion.

Again and again, Lim transformed cards by color, suit, numbers, and even words, creating the title of the competition. The cards that Crews kept holding firmly in his hand seemed to vanish in thin air, and the watching audience was completely captivated.

Crews was awestruck, and Mel B yelled out her “What just happened!” Heidi Klum called Lim’s routine “perfection” and the voters from the 50 states must have agreed. The top three contenders were Attraction, Shin Lim, and Sons of Serendip. Sons of Serendip took third place, exiting the stage. The last vote was between the light dancers and the magician, and Shin Lim heard his name called as the finalist.

Next week's finals are sure to be packed with performances to remember and could end in surprise.