Lady Gaga was a winner at Sunday's Golden Globe ceremony, and she certainly made a statement with her aqua-shaded gown in honor of Judy Garland’s “A Star Is Born.” The multitalented Stefani Germanotta was honored not just for her song, “Shallow” from the retelling of the film story, but for her “genius” and artistry by producer-musician, Mark Ronson, who accepted the trophy.

As the fates would have it, the best actress moment was on that night was meant for the acclaimed Glenn Close, for her portrayal of the viciously overlooked spouse in “The Wife,” which was likely woefully overlooked by many voting members of the motion picture Academy before now.

The veteran star’s speech, which evoked memories of her mother and translated to a call for women to be supported in their own quests and dreams, made a perfect trilogy of purpose with those of Regina King and co-host, Sandra Oh following their own recognition by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

On Tuesday, January 8, however, Lady Gaga earned recognition for her acting, taking Best Actress from the National Board of Review (NBR) for her performance as Ally. She gushed with gratitude in offering her words of acceptance and gladly made the evening a girl’s night out with mom, Cynthia. The normally unflappable Stephen Colbert got emotional in introducing the honoree, but he didn't mind missing a certain televised speech.

Golden gratitude

Bradley Cooper would leave Cipriani 42nd Street with his own trophy as Best Director from NBR, and his chosen leading lady looked right into his eyes from the stage, affirming that he really is “a musician -- I watched it,” as she recalls their early meeting, during which he played at her piano, sang, and wrote songs.

The star, who now has her own Las Vegas residency with “Enigma,” credited Cooper for making her “a way better actress,” and explained how she had to draw not from her own early career, which was quite opposite of the character, but instead, on days “in high school, and earlier,” when she was bullied, traumatized, unheard, and “told over and over that I could never be who I dreamed of becoming.”

Lady Gaga also contrasted Ally’s willingness to conform to industry demands against her own determination to “subvert the influence of powerful men,” always taking a “sharp right turn” anytime she was urged to go left.

Calling Cooper her “director, co-star, visionary, and friend,” the reflective songwriter related thinking of their creative process as “a moment in time when we became people who are not us,” and repeatedly expressed her gratitude for the collaborative process.

Family in every sense

While Lady Gaga was gushing with generosity for Bradley Cooper, she neglected no one who was part of her daily life in creating “A Star is Born,” from dialect coaches to naming production assistants, and remembering her acting coaches as a little girl. She remarked that loving Bradley Cooper and Sam Elliott at the same time was “too much.” She ended her thanks to Cooper in gratitude for making a film “that reminds the world of the importance of compassion, empathy, and kindness.” Elliott also earned Best Supporting Actor recognition.

The Germanotta daughter extolled the heritage of her Italian immigrant family, noting that her parents were the first to go to college in the family, and stood by her dreams “through thick and thin.” She praised her sister, her grandmother, and even departed grandfathers, all who imparted that “particular way of tackling life” that gave her the chutzpah to take on her role “Germanotta-style.”

Her fiancé, Christian Carino, got his own special mention of gratitude for “taking care of my heart, every day.”

More than just sitting in the front row, Cynthia Germanotta and her daughter posed for photos all night and were said to be inseparable. Mom wore a navy blue dress that complemented the chic black tuxedo jacket dress chosen by her daughter, still donning a tint of blue in her hair.

Stephen Colbert cozied up with Lady Gaga for a cute red carpet photo remembrance. He praised her performance and “A Star Is Born” for making him believe in Movies again, and left the theater thinking, “just give her every award,” of the nominee. He teased that he gave up the presidential address to be the presenter for Lady Gaga. He obviously didn't mind the scheduling change.

In just 13 minutes, Lady Gaga lifted up her film family, her family of heritage, the creative process, female empowerment, the cause of anti-bullying, the call for compassion, and needs of mental health, and inclusion, for the transgender community and humankind. The heart makes all the difference in how the words are conveyed.

No one needs to worry about Glenn Close, either. Her Golden Globes reaction is still breaking the Internet.