Miley Cyrus must agree that the most special gift of all is to celebrate life with the love of one’s life, and what better time than the Christmas holidays to have an intimate, family-centered ceremony. Even this morning, on “Today,” extra care was taken to assure that People had confirmed the December 23 nuptials between the heartfelt and soul-bearing singer-songwriter and the Australian actor who has held her heart since the pair co-starred in “The Last Song” in 2009.

The families, much to their credit, are still keeping totally mum about the vows at the Tennessee farm that has been home for Miley Cyrus all her life.

Photos of the couple, family, and friends were featured in People on December 27, along with remarks from a supportive “source” close to the couple. The new Mr. and Mrs. let their own photos do the talking on social media, needing very few words to convey their rapturous feelings.

The celebration of love and family has continued into the New Year, as per reports by E! And other sources on January 1 and January 2, and the newlyweds seem to be having no trouble merging into a combined happy family.

A decade and disaster make a difference

The teen tabloid world went into overdrive that almost no young star could handle when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first became an engaged couple when Cyrus was just 19.

She was still breaking free of her “Hannah Montana” persona and the Disney image machine, and Hemsworth was also a target of massive media hunger with the “Hunger Games” movie franchise. After ups and downs, back and forths, and a break-up that brought very real and heart-wrenching tears to Miley in a “Wrecking Ball” performance, the creative artists stayed connected and maintained “respect for each other.”

After soul-searching and gaining some deeper perspective, Liam and Miley rekindled their flame in 2015, and Miley compared the depths of her love to the wonders of the galaxy, proclaiming its eternity in songs like “Miss You So Much” and “Malibu,” from her “Younger Now” album last year.

Miley Cyrus posed with her Papa, Billy Ray Cyrus, in tender wedding photos, as well as with her groom in her Vivienne Westwood gown. She understandably gloated like a bright about sharing “our one—millionth kiss” on Instagram. Liam simply captioned the same photo with “My Love,” saying everything simply. Hemsworth chose Vans to complement his black tuxedo.

Miley related the courage, loyalty, and reliability of her husband in the wake of the Woolsey fire that claimed the couple's home in a recent “Tonight Show” visit. Hemsworth corralled every creature in the menagerie of animals that make the property home into the back of his truck. In Australian commando style, he took everyone to safety, reassuring his new wife, who was then in South Africa.

Understanding adjustments

Miley Cyrus praises her dad, for much of his parental guidance, but recently, she really is grasping the wisdom that “life is a series of adjustments.” After surviving her own experience with the natural disaster, she described becoming more a part of the community of people around her home after enduring losses together.

“You can always rebuild a physical structure,” the new bride reiterated, further convinced that “the love that can't be destroyed is always there and always stayed so strong.” Its untouchable and powerful force brought Cyrus “light in a dark time.”

The glow of happy faces was lighting up the room when Miley Cyrus posed with her husband's family, including Elsa Pataky, wife of Chris Hemsworth, and a gaggle of welcome guests. Miley and Liam kissed in casual tracksuits in another candid shot and Miley greeted 2019 in black and gold by the fireplace in another photo.

Tested and tried through a decade, this knot seems destined to stay tied, and more Christmas and New Year's memories will fill albums and scrapbooks, and Miley Cyrus songs, for years.