The past three weeks of “Hawaii Five-O” have held enough heart-wrenching emotion for 20 seasons. Any faithful fan can assure a newcomer that what the elite police drama does best is blend concepts of family and brotherhood deeper than blood, riveting action and suspense, and scenes that bring simultaneous laughter and tears—the kind that stays in the heart. The preview alone alerted viewers that this week’s January 11 12th episode of Season 9, "Ka hauli o ka mea hewa 'ole, he nalowale koke" (A Bruise Inflicted on an Innocent Person Vanishes Quickly) would require the large size of tissues, as Danny (Scott Caan) confronts the most dreaded crisis possible for parent.

Nothing good ever happens at 2:00 AM, so the wisdom goes, and when Rachel (Claire van der Boom) beats on Danny's door in the middle of the night, saying that Grace hasn't gotten home, and isn't responding on her phone, the parents’ frantic pursuit takes them to the scene of a horrific car crash, and the reality that one of the victims fighting for life is their precious Grace.

From the very first episode of the current “Hawaii Five-O,” Scott Caan’s portrayal as protector on the job and protector as ultimately devoted dad has been a driving force in the drama. Countless fans were brought to tears seeing the New Jersey detective plead at the door to take his daughter to school, with a huge pink bunny in tow.

Danny Williams transplanted his life to the islands, regardless of his disdain for a tropical paradise, solely to be near Grace. Countless fans can never forget the episode, “I Ka Wa Mamua” from Season 3, which conveys the reason for Grace having her name, as her father is wired with an explosive vest by terrorists, and has flashbacks of his day on 9/11.

He still makes it to Grace’s father-daughter dance at school.

Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) is not a father as his character, but O'Loughlin, like Caan, is a father in real life. Fatherly emotions translate powerfully frame-by-frame in this emotional journey, as the evidence speaks of a far different situation of behavior than Grace Williams would entertain.

Waiting and working the case

While Danny and his ex-wife endure the agonizing wait at the hospital, knowing their daughter's critical condition, “Uncle Steve” and “Hawaii Five-O” take on solving the case and nailing any culprits. There is not even the slightest effort to pretend like this is anything but personal to the “ohana” of this force.

The tension is as thick as concrete between the parents. Rachel confesses that the car was a gift from Stan to Grace, and didn't even have license plates yet. the car was to compensate for Stan's guilt over the move to Las Vegas. She explains that Grace wanted to tell her father, but, knowing he would be upset, kept putting it off. Danny feigns forgiveness, saying that it was just one more example of something Rachel didn’t tell him, delving deep into the past, as crises often provoke.

Steve and Lou (Chi McBride) trace phone calls beyond the level of “Mean Girls” to Cameron Ross (Kailee Reagan Brandt) who cries foul with having to come clean in front of her dad (Phil Fu-Kang Wang), falling considerably from Princess status. As it turns out, Grace was befriending Katie, the girl who became her passenger and threw Cameron's phone in the beer of another party guest, Nathan (Matt T. Shrews). With Steve's help, Danny tracks Nathan down at the hospital, and the phone belonged to him, but it was Cameron who continued to send the vile messages.

The greasy truth

Things go from bad to worse, as Grace's brain begins to hemorrhage during surgery. Danny apologizes to Rachel for his “mean” response, however understandable.

The two connect again over memories of the day their daughter was born, and a montage of photos collected for Grace’s upcoming graduation. Anyone who has ever suffered through the hours to hope that a loved one survives feels themselves in these beautifully-acted, agonizing scenes, capturing the parents running at the sound of a pager.

Further investigation at the accident scene reveals fresh oil from an older car. Steve deduces that the chase from that driver led to the crash with Grace and Katie.

Tani (Meaghan Rath) has her own family situation. She finds her brother, Koa (Kunal Sharma), at home, but beaten up from a situation he doesn't want to talk about. Finally, he relates that one of the clients he worked with as a drug counselor at the center where he was treated had been clean recently.

Her drug connections, however, weren't so happy with her status. In another tragic scene, the brother and sister go to her apartment -- finding both her and another girl, dead from an overdose that doesn't look consensual. Koa is crushed by the fate of his first “success story” and Tani gets Adam's help in tracking a freewheeling prescription writer in the “Doc shopping” ring.” She almost gets “made” as a cop during her set up, but Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) intervenes just in time, and the doctor will be doing time, too. Tani takes off her badge to get rough in this one, and it’s fun to see her unabashed girl power unleashed.

The team traces the car, and its owner, via surveillance, to a late-night food spot, where he unsuccessfully makes advances to Grace and Katie, and continues his chase on the dangerous stretch of wet, winding road, leading to the panic before the dreadful accident.

Steve poses as a prospective buyer for the car, then takes Keith (Markus Silbiger), the owner, for a ride he will never forget, throwing him everywhere but through the windshield. Driving Danny's cars all these years has made the Lt. Commander a pro, and his maneuvers made the guilty perpetrator confess at the end of the drive.

Danny and Steve share a tender moment sitting in the hallway at the hospital, and Steve tells his partner that the perpetrator is taken care of, as Danny gives a touching pat of thanks.

The news comes that Grace came through her surgery, and a wonderful treat for fans comes with a sight of Teilor Grubbs, the lovely actress who brought the characters to life through all the seasons.

Even swollen and bruised in character, her face is lovely,

As proposed in the hospital hallway, Steve hosts a graduation party for Grace, in “Hawaii Five-O” tradition. Italian cuisine is catered by Kamekona (Taylor Wily) and Flippa (Shawn Mokuahi Garnett), with Danny and Rachel connecting on a happier note over its quality.

Family and friends mean everything on “Hawaii Five-O” and with stories like the ones in the last several weeks, viewers will stay tuned in her centuries.