Heidi Klum always jumps into the fun on “America's Got Talent,” and on Week 3 of “America's Got Talent: The Champions” the supermodel was really up in the air. Ever since joining the judges’ panel in 2013, Heidi Klum has been a favorite of many contenders on the stage, and occasionally, a sparring opponent to Simon Cowell’s acidic critiques.

Heidi has a penchant for danger acts and anything different, such as The Professional Regurgitator, Stevie Starr. She has literally fallen head over heels, more than once, for Long Island crooner, Sal Valentinetti, and she showed she still has a sweet spot for the comedian, Taylor Williamson, in Week 2 of the current competition.

She is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, or even kiss Ken Jeong for a TV engagement. Heidi Klum doesn't shy away from any new experience.

When “Britain's Got Talent” and finalist, Darcy Oake called on Heidi to be his volunteer subject for his championship illusion, she rushed to the stage. The grand magician summoned Howie Mandel to recruit an audience volunteer and join them. None of the participants had any idea what was to come, but as Heidi related in a January 23 feature in People, she would repeat her “amazing” experience in a minute and looks forward to celebrating love again in real life as a bride very soon him.

Loving the levitation

Oake first asked Klum to walk up some risers and then to lie on a smooth wooden board.

With Howie Mandel at the foot end and the audience volunteer at the head, the illusionist magically and quickly defied laws of gravity, by asking the men first to balance Heidi only by one arm, then holding her by lower legs and shoulders, as he removed the board altogether. The final step was letting go of the multimillion-dollar model’s body entirely, and witnessing her float in the air.

Heidi Klum got the first reaction to the feat when she turned to the audience, for a brief, second and saw many jaws dropped and then described it as “amazing” to see the full performance later on TV. Her support for the performers is purely genuine. “I put a lot of trust in these performers and I want them to do well,” she insists, which makes it easy for her to be willing.

“I just roll with it and do what they ask,” and she loves being part of the “thrill” that consumes the live audience and the viewers in their living rooms.

As much as Heidi loved this week’s performances by “America's Got Talent”comic alumni, Tom Cotter, and Samuel J Comroe, and operatic-pop showstopper from the competition’s fifth season, Prince Poppycock, Simon Cowell couldn't find hardly one nice word to say. By the end of the night, it was original “Britain's Got Talent” original winner, Paul Potts, who stood beside Howie Mandel's golden buzzer pick, Angelica Hale, as finalists for the week.

The Daily Mail reported on January 20 that the British judge wants to recruit “fresh blood” into the judges’ panel, after seeing what he considered a poor performance on his British “X Factor” be allowed to move forward.

He, of course, will be staying, but the word is that Klum, Howie Mandel, and Mel B will likely be going.

Beautiful almost-bride again

No matter what comes on the “America's Got Talent” horizon, Heidi Klum has the most wonderful kind of dream to look forward to - her wedding day.

Heidi Klum has worn some of the most glamorous attire imaginable, on the beach and in the ballroom, and of course, innumerable red carpets. Still, even in 45, every bride loves to dream, and the mom of four has been captivated by recent haute couture wedding gowns from Paris, even though she says she has not gone into the official wedding plan stage yet.

Her fiancé, Tokio Motel guitarist, Tom Kaulitz, had lots of help from the kids in planning his Christmas Eve proposal.

They all had a part in preparing a breakfast tray for mom, Heidi, which happened to include a ring box. His proposal was a perfect side order.

Love indeed does come when least expected, and Heidi Klum affirms “I feel blessed” to have found love again when she never imagined marrying again. She has a new Amazon project of a fashion show ready to launch with her familiar fashion design pal, Tim Gunn, so plenty of reasons for her glowing smile and getting ready for new beginnings.