Farrah Abraham has a knack for alarming social media users with photos and videos that the former MTV Teen Mom seems compelled to share on platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Her latest round of evoking disdain on social networking platforms evolved from a Snapchat video of daughter Sophia depicted in a Nordstrom’s store in New York City scantily clad in a sports bra and underwear, according to Fox News.

Reality star reacts to criticism

The reality star offered a response to critics, insisting that she thinks it was perfectly acceptable to post the video of her daughter.

Abraham's belief is that showing Sophia in her underwear is akin to children modeling for Calvin Klein, TMZ reported. She explained that her daughter, nine, was in an area of Nordstrom’s that is public and a place children can check themselves out in a mirror close to the fitting room.

Social media users conveyed outrage, but Abraham appears to brush aside criticism, which is all-too-predictable. The problem with her parenting is not something that can be dismissed as readily as the controversial reality star elects to believe.

While she writes off concerns for Sophia that many people have expressed, her daughter is not immune or shielded from comments on social media accounts under Sophia’s name.

Adults responding on social media unkind to child

Adults have not refrained from remarking on Sophia’s Instagram and Facebook accounts about Abraham.

Many people have referenced, as well, that it is inappropriate for a child to wear makeup, to be in the room during Abraham's cosmetic procedures, such as attaining a designer vagina and butt-plumping, and to twerk in a towel. It actually doesn't matter whether it is Farrah or Sophia in control of the accounts; adults should not be calling the little girl names or ridiculing her features.

Abraham slights Internet safety experts

Clearly, Abraham is responsible for sexualizing her daughter, who is likely to glean the flawed belief that money buys body changes when beauty takes precedence. While internet safety experts stress the importance of adults taking steps to better ensure children’s safety, not seeking to appeal to predators, Abraham's priority on gaining publicity slights the warnings and dangers that lurk.

Grandfather calls concerned people ‘prudish’

Social media followers attempted to appeal to Sophia’s grandparents, Debra Danielsen,‎ and Michael Abraham, believing Farrah might be convinced to remove the Snapchat video of their granddaughter dancing in her underwear.

No such luck. Michael considers the complainers “prudish people,” according to the The Ashleys Reality Roundup. Underwear or swimming suit, it’s all the same to him.

Child’s baby-like voice makes the images creepy

A recurrent thought and question surfaces after Farrah shares risqué posts involving her little girl. People wonder why Children’s Protective Services (CPS) has not intervened to assure that Sophia is not exploited on social networking platforms. Despite all the wishful thinking in the world, Farrah’s daughter is not a mini-adult. She is still very much a child.

For anyone who believes that Sophia has the maturity level to choose to parade herself in provocative photos online, just listen to the child speak.

Another repetitious theme is that she invokes a baby-like voice in online videos. A disembodied voice makes seeing the twerk and underwear images incongruous, as well as creepy.

The ‘bikini defense’ is weak

While Farrah and Sophia’s grandparents might not see a problem with sharing inappropriate images of a child, the public outrage exists. There is nothing about female empowerment in sharing questionable photos and videos involving a little girl. The issue does not center on haters or prudish people, as the reality star and her father equivocate.

Using a child to elicit attention or publicity for an adult, however, ranks high on the list of reasons such oversharing is wrong. In addition, Farrah’s actions provide evidence of a double-standard.

The outrage and call for intervention would probably not be ignored, slighted, or dismissed if a father acted the same way on social media. Possibly, the Twitter response by @hbro55 says it the best: “Guarantee that if the police seize someone’s laptop full of children in underwear, the bikini defense wouldn’t hold up.”

Additional recent news about an ex MTV "Teen Mom" star evolved when Ryan Edwards was arrested on January 23 for alleged theft, as well as for a warrant related to a probation violation following his arrest for heroin possession in 2017.

He is expected to stay in jail until April. His ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout, is reportedly "heartbroken" for son Bentley, who she shares with Edwards. Be sure to follow Blasting News for the latest information.