When Calls the Heart” fans are counting the days, minutes, and maybe even seconds until the Season 6 premiere of the Hallmark Channel drama. Leading lady, Erin Krakow, is filled with excitement and anticipation for her character, Elizabeth Thornton, too. She recently let fans know that the premiere was just weeks away, coming February 24. She also agreed that the journey that awaits Elizabeth in the coming season will be the best ever, and a big part of the reason why will be the two handsome, tiny gentlemen who portray her favorite scene partner, baby Jack Thornton.

Erin Krakow endears herself to her followers on social media by frequently sharing glimpses from behind-the-scenes moments of “When Calls the Heart,” and the precious picture she posted on January 31, takes the cake or the watermelon, as it happens.

Time to munch

Elizabeth Thornton was as surprised as Abigail (Lori Loughlin) and Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) when her son decided it was time to be born when the ladies were returning from a shopping trip to buy his carriage, and, as it turned out, a Christmas roll of salami for the feast. After giving birth in a hunter’s cabin, the best friends and the bundled-up baby boy were brought back to town by an intrepid party of the men of Hope Valley, and the entire community was overjoyed to welcome the newest resident.

The final scene of “When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing” portrays a loving Elizabeth looking into her son's eyes, and looking forward to the lifetime adventure they will share together.

Even though starring in a mega-hit drama is lots of fun, it burns lots of baby energy, too. Erin Krakow still has her TV pregnancy bump, the one that her fans called “Elizabump,” affectionately, in the photo.

Erin has a beaming smile, holding a wedge of watermelon, while her on-screen sons, Gunnar and Lincoln Taylor, do their own snacking all around her, stealing every heart with their sparkling blue eyes.

Krakow playfully captioned her friendly share with, “Like fake mother, like fake son(s).” The actress has been very honest in sharing that she is not the one getting up for feedings in the middle of the night or changing diapers, like real mom Taylor.

It's abundantly clear that the star’s connection with the boys is completely genuine, and the bonds come across on camera already. While one twin holds his watermelon wedge like a cigar as he crawls across Erin’s leg (looking right into the lens), the other stares up at his TV drama mama, totally enamored.

Healthy habits

Erin Krakow is a good model for healthy living for her little stars. The actress is a committed vegan, who even posted a bundle of celery, along with her dad’s fitting joke, for Thanksgiving.

Watermelon would be very hard to come by in the climate of the Northwest Territory, the setting for “When Calls the Heart. Thanks to conscientious catering, the refreshing natural treat is apparently offered regularly to the cast.

Twins are frequently cast in roles in the television world, because strict rules apply to their hours of availability in the day, so that schedules for sleep, meals, and naps are not unduly disturbed. Twins can also be needed stand-ins, or lie-ins, for one another when one or the other is having a rough day.

Erin Krakow naturally finds her rapport with children, having worked as a nanny and a frequent babysitter. Her way with children is unmistakable as Elizabeth Thornton in the classroom, and in Season 6, Elizabeth Thornton, the mother, will find the greatest challenges, and rewards, that she could ever imagine.

The baby years go by in a flash, but she already has snack time down. Toddlerhood is just around the corner.