Of all the places the JBA has been on their international tour, none will be as memorable as Belgium and Kanye West came to see the JBA play some basketball. Meanwhile, at home, Lonzo celebrates being 21 years old.

Birthday time

As Lonzo will be on the road for his birthday, Denise decided to start the birthday celebrations early by going into his apartment and decorating it while Zo was playing. While decorating his apartment, she was talking to his sister over the phone and said that things with Zo are like a roller coaster ride but that, overall, things were getting better between the two.

The night Denise was decorating Zo's apartment, the Lakers lost to the Spurs 143-142 in overtime. Denise said that it wasn't good that they lost because, when Zo loses, he feels down. When Zo got home, it could be easily seen that he was down on himself. DMO said that, after a loss, Zo is horrible and that he can't talk to him. Zo disagreed and said that he just keeps to himself.

On his actual birthday, which is on October 27, the Lakers lost to the Spurs again with a score of 110-106. After the game, Lonzo and some of his teammates went out for dinner for his birthday. With him were DMO, Rajon Rondo, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Lance Stephenson, and Jonathan Williams who goes by the nickname "J3".

Since Williams is the rookie, he had to sing Lonzo happy birthday but Lonzo said that his voice was terrible.

Pop-up shop

While in Belgium, LaVar organized a pop-up shop where he sold Big Baller Brand merchandise and had the JBA players take pictures and sign autographs for fans. Alan said that he's happy with how the company is doing but that he can never be satisfied.

At the pop-up shop, LaVar asked a kid what the best brand in the world is. The kid responded with "Nike" which came with tons of laughter.

Craziness in Belgium

As part of the JBA international tour, the JBA went to Belgium to play Limburg United. In the third quarter, the game had a special guest who turned out to be Kanye West.

The whole stadium went crazy with the game even stopping to see Kanye walk in. Kanye sat next to LaVar and told him that the JBA is the new NBA. JBA USA beat Limburg United 163-139 which gave them their eighth consecutive win.

At dinner with LaVar and Alan, Kanye said that the JBA has potential. He also said that he believes in LaVar and the Big Baller Brand. Later on, Melo and Gelo joined them which prompted Kanye to ask LaVar when they started basketball. LaVar said that Gelo started basketball at five and Melo started basketball at four.

LaVar said that the one thing that he and Kanye have in common is that they don't care what other people say about them. During the dinner, they also talked about the possibility of collaborating together on merchandise and shoes.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode eight, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, Lonzo is filming commercials for his ZO2 signature shoes and Melo tells his father that he wants to go back to school which LaVar doesn't like.