One of the greatest debates is whether "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie or not. Rolling Stone reports, that according to a remastered trailer in honor of its 30th-anniversary release, it is the greatest Christmas story ever told. For those who don't know, "Die Hard" tells the story of NYPD officer John McClane. While attempting to visit his family for the holidays, he finds himself caught in the middle of a terrorist plot at his ex-wife's office building. I also want to share that a reboot of the franchise is coming.

Franchise turned Bruce Willis into a star

The hit film turned Bruce Willis into a bonafide action star. It has been called one of the greatest action Movies of all times. It has become one of the most parodied films in history. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has become the latest show to pay homage. Debates continue to rage over whether Willis' hit film belongs in the holiday movie category. Recently, Willis stoked the fire by claiming it wasn't a Christmas movie. However, screenwriter Steven E. de Souza reassured fans it was a holiday classic.

The new trailer, released by Fox, is a holiday spectacular. The trailer is accompanied by a cheesy voiceover and emphasizes more of the festive elements instead of the violence.

While the film is already packed with holiday cheer, and comedic references about the holiday season, the trailer adds even more. The trailer plays like a cheesy Christmas went wrong film, often released by Hollywood. The trailer turns villain Hans Gruber into a party crasher.

Anniversary trailer plays up the Christmas themes

CNET reports that the new edition of the film delivers lots of bonus content. The new 30th-anniversary Blu-ray is being similarly Christmas-themed. The case will highlight the red and green, and emphasize the "ho-ho-ho" line uttered in "Die Hard" by Santa Claus. Fans are excited to be able to own a Christmas-inspired edition of the film.

However, others will still refuse to call this action flick a holiday classic. The 30th-anniversary edition is being released on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and digital.

The studio calling it the "greatest Christmas story ever told" mirrors what Jeb Stuart told "Good Morning America" last summer, when he said it was a holiday film because of the family aspect to it. The debate over whether the film is a holiday film is sure to continue until the end of time. However, there's no wrong time to watch "Die Hard." It's both an action film and a holiday classic. There's actually a "Die Hard" sequel in the works, with Bruce Willis returning to his beloved role.