Some Movies release during Christmas and take advantage of the festive mood. Stories of Christmas movies usually relate to the festival but “Die Hard” released in July. Yes, it did have a background of the festival, but the similarity ends there. However, 20th Century Fox brands it as the “Greatest Christmas Story” ever told and the debate rages. In support of its stand, Fox released a new clip to justify that the action film falls in the category of a “holiday flick.”

ABC News reports the new trailer shows John McClane (portrayed by Bruce Willis) traveling to the West Coast to spend the holidays with his family.

He is stuck at the office Christmas party, and the voice-over cautions that it will turn out to be an unforgettable holiday for him. The clip labels the movie as "The greatest Christmas story ever told."

‘Die Hard’ was action oriented

The movie “Die Hard” was in a class of its own and released three decades back. It celebrated its 30th anniversary, and screenwriter Jeb Stuart justifies the statement by the studio. He says it is certainly a holiday film since it has various elements of a family. John comes out to Los Angeles and is not happy with what he sees around him. Within a short time, he gets deeply involved in trying to foil the designs of a terror group. He wages a lone war and emerges victorious.

However, including this Bruce Willis movie in the category of a Christmas movie is a bit farfetched. There are references to the festival in the course of conversation with the police, but something is missing. The action of the terrorists and the violence they unleashed would never appeal to a family that wants to enjoy the festive mood.

Difficult to imagine ‘Die Hard’ as a Christmas movie

According to BBC, some movies like “Home Alone” rightly belongs to the category of Christmas movies that the children can enjoy.

However, it is difficult to talk about “Die Hard” in the same breath because it is action-oriented, there is violence, and it shows an off-duty cop walking barefoot through broken glass to counter the threats from a group of terrorists.

This subject has caught the fancy of the social media, and a debate is raging on whether or not “Die Hard” is actually a Christmas film. In the opinion of Bruce Willis who enacts the role of John McClane, the off-duty cop, this is not a Christmas movie. Of course, the 1988 film is set on Christmas Eve itself, but the feeling of a festive spirit is absent. Incidentally, Bruce Willis is now in his 60s and will act in the sixth movie in the series.