Andrew Lane is a music producer who has won Billboard awards for his talents that include songwriting as well as producing. Having hailed from San Diego, California, Andrew grew up in the state of entertainment and has gone on to work with the Backstreet Boys, Irene Cara, and Disney Stars and many more.

A fan of pop and hip-hop, he produced records for Hannah Montana, Disney properties, and is now clearing pilots for television shows. Now residing in Los Angeles California, Andrew has helped launched the careers of international stars and/or social media sensations.

He runs several recording studios in various cities. Recently Andrew Lane was appointed the title of Vice President of Network Content for Share.TV.

Andrew was happy to discuss all this and more via an exclusive interview.

Movies, projects, and stars

Meagan Meehan (MM): How you get interested in music and Movies and how did that turn into a producing career?

Andrew Lane (AL): As a kid, I would sit around at home and just produce to write songs in my head and pictured them already finished and done. As far as movies and television, I would picture the scenes and score music and everything. My father really supported that, and whatever instruments I needed, he would provide them for me as well as the lessons for them.

So, when the opportunity came to write and produce for sessions, I was all ready for it because mentally I was preparing for it as a kid.

MM: How did you get your name out there as a producer?

AL: By producing great projects and the word traveled, and I started to get the calls for major projects.

MM: How did you get into working with A-list stars and what have been some of your most memorable experiences?

AL: By being referred to by industry associates that I've had a great track record with...seeing artists that I helped develop and write with and produced at a young age like Becky G / Julia Michaels / Ross Lynch / and producing B5's version of Get your Head in the Game for High School Musical. I have so many great experiences I just can't name them all at this moment.

Songs, films, television, and ideas

MM: What inspires your own songwriting and lyrics?

AL: Telling a great story is important to me and observing current and past events as well as catchy and current phases that inspire me to write songs.

MM: How did you move into producing films and what topics most appeal to you?

AL: I've always admired Walt Disney because Walt would not only think about the music part of it, which was important, but the visual story was equally important. What inspires me to write a movie or television show? I look at what out there and fill that void and let my imagination go to work.

MM: How did you move into television producing and how did you come up with the ideas for all your shows?

AL: I've always admired Quincy Jones. Quincy would take to the music element of it and provide television shows around it. What inspires me to write a movie or television show? Pop culture gives me the ideas and also past and vintage things as well.