Greg Romenski is a musician by trade and a hardworking producer by passion. Born in Ukraine and now residing in Brooklyn, New York, Greg recently won an award for his long-running talk show, “Medcast Plus,” which gives doctors and healthcare professionals a platform to voice their best advice and health-related tips on a local cable network, BRIC TV. Greg is well-known and respected in BRIC Arts Media, a creative hub of a complex on Flatbush Avenue where he regularly films his show. Greg Romenski recently started another series, one which focuses on the stories of immigrants which he trademarked as a new genre called “Immimentary.”

Films, awards, and BRIC

Greg has won numerous awards for his work behind the camera.

After graduating from BRIC’s Documentary Intensive Class, he debuted his first “Immimentary” episode at the BRIC “B Free Awards” on April 19, 2018, to thunderous applause.

As an immigrant himself, Greg started his journey into filmmaking by focusing on the Russian-speaking community living in or around Coney Island, Brooklyn. Yet he soon branched out into talking to people from all over the world. In fact, his debut Immimentary episode focused on a pharmacist turned-senior-care-provider who immigrated to America from Pakistan. Now a full-fledged television producer, Greg hopes that people who watch his shows will learn something positive from them.

Greg is hoping to turn his “Immimentary” term into a household name describing a Film series, a trend, and even a brand-new genre that helps people learn the stories of others and increase feelings of empathy and connectedness across multiethnic communities.

Documentaries, immigrants, and 'Immimentary'

“My experiences as an immigrant inspired me to create this series,” Greg stated in a recent and exclusive interview. “As each immigrant has his or her own story, I think they are worth listening to and watching. After thinking about it for a long time, I came up with the idea to create a series about immigrants and so I took "immi" and added it to "mentary" to describe my new series.

Hence, the word ‘documentary’ became ‘immimentary.’ I’m proud to say that the first film is shown in this series, which premiered at BRIC on April 19, 2018, was also the first time the “Immimentary” term was ever used at a public event.”

Greg notes the importance of research, patience, and persistence when it comes to filming his Documentary Series, but he is hopeful that it will lead to much success in the future--and this is precisely why he feels it is so very important to trademark the term “Immimentary.” Greg is now hard at work filming his third episode, which is taking a substantial amount of time and determination, but it is time spent in a very valuable way.

“All stories are incredible and unique in their own way,” Greg declared. “One of my stories even features a survivor of the National War, and that one is a particularly scary story, so I was able to create a good film about that. My plan is to keep finding interesting stories and respectfully create a good series that the world will one day identify as the foundation of the genre known as IMMIMENTARY.”