Miley Cyrus has never been afraid of making a personal or artistic statement, and sometimes her statements come through fashion. The singer-songwriter with a legacy of Country Music greatness in her genes never forsakes the storytelling or real-life resonance of that heritage. Nonetheless, Miley Cyrus is able to speak to her multitude of fans as a 26-year-old young woman, who confronts the same world that surrounds them. She is a constant advocate for self-acceptance and an attitude that self-identity is meant to be ever-evolving.

While it seems that some never allow Miley Cyrus to completely escape her tween image as Disney's “Hannah Montana,” others can't forget her provocative, bear-eared twerking with Robin Thicke from the 2013 VMA awards.

In truth, she remains a growing artist, both young in years, and with years of history. She has a voice that goes on for days. There are a passion and longing far beyond her years captured in her range, which has been displayed with stellar partners from Elton John and Billy Joel to Billy Idol, and many in between, including duets with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Producer-artist Mark Ronson was alongside Miley Cyrus for her December 15 “SNL ”performance, and in his usual manner, provided perfect moral support to go with his strums on his fancy strings. The two performed their new song, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” which is already getting critical notice. Miley Cyrus had her heart wide open, literally and emotionally on the truthful ballad, and made another statement in self-confidence.

Glittering and genuine as ever Miley Cyrus

Perfectly in tune with the Christmas season and holiday shimmer, Miley Cyrus donned a $4,200 silver Gucci tracksuit for her opening song. Miley is beloved for laying out all her emotions and opening her heart wide in her songs. On this occasion, with her jacket fully unzipped and nothing in the way of a camisole, most of America could check out the exact location of the singer’s heart, and know that her respiration was just fine.

She stayed completely in sync with the cadence on the driving chorus, detailing the devious ways of “broken” lovers and their lies.

Social media was sent aflutter seeing the brave ensemble. Those commenting were amazed at both Miley Cyrus’ bravado and the quality of her adhesive, with opinions crediting everything from duct tape to super glue.

A few viewers were hoping for just a small wardrobe malfunction, but alas, it was not to be. Others felt that Miley didn’t move around much, but there was plenty of interplay with her stalwart producer, as her toes and torso kept time with the beat. She closed the number with a spirited, full hair flip, and nothing fell out of place. This girl is a pro--she knows how to have fun with the network censors, who also had issues with Florance Henderson, without giving them a victory, staying classy all the way.

“Happy Christmas/War Is Over” saw Miley glittering again, this time in a red floral print gown, still open-chested but perfectly concealing, and tucked in as a miniskirt. Her soulful, heartfelt delivery on the John Lennon/Yoko Ono Yuletide classic was even more poignant because of Sean Ono Lennon’s accompanying vocals and guitar on the performance closer.

In paying honor to the original, echo effects were utilized, but Miley Cyrus doesn’t need technical assistance to bring a song home. She wished everyone a spirited “Merry Christmas, everybody!”

Love survives

Ahead of her “SNL” gig, Miley paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon last week. She gushed to “The Tonight Show” host about the heroic efforts of her love, Liam Hemsworth, in saving her beloved horses, pigs, cats, and dogs to safety in the Woolsey fire blaze that burned their Malibu home in mid-November. She related how Hemsworth’s truck became Noah’s ark. He sprayed the backsides of the pigs to corral them into the vehicle. Naturally, this kind of humane valor was “very sexy” to Miley, who was in South Africa.

In the aftermath of their own loss, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth donated $500,000 to the Malibu Foundation. This was to assist to those who lost homes, as well as the firefighters who sacrificed to preserve property.

No matter economic status, a home is still a home-- a refuge of safety in life. The songwriter reflected on the pain of missing photos or treasures given to her by her dad, but one photo she shared keeps it all in perspective. One image shows a “LOVE” sign on her porch, with her dog casually in front. The other shows only the charred remains of the structure, with the melted sign still there.

Coming through the disaster has allowed her to become “a real neighbor” with others in the loss.

Miley Cyrus echoes gratitude for “the love and the laughter and being together and writing music and friends and family” with Liam and her dogs. The memories matter most.

“The fact that love exists is just the best,” asserts Miley Cyrus, and love takes a big, brave lady with an open heart.