All her life, Miley Cyrus has used her gift of words and music to reach others. Long before she became the tween television icon and persona of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus created songs that mirrored her genuine life, and love of family. From struggles for independence to finding love and exploring sexual orientation, the multi-talented singer-songwriter made no secret of anything.

Miley Cyrus, like many other homeowners in the area of the Woolsey Fire, echoed words of heartache, disbelief, and heart-wrenching loss on Twitter and social media, according to reports by Yahoo!

and other sources on November 12. No matter if someone is Neil Young, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, or real housewife, Camille Grammer, who recently spoke about her wedding, home is still home, designed to be a sanctuary from the crush of the real world. Whether belonging to a celebrity or a fleeing resident of the once picture-perfect city of Paradise, California, any person’s home is more than a way station. A home is filled with memories and treasures that never can be duplicated, even with the auspices of today's technologies.

Miley Cyrus’ message did not shield her grief. It resonated with gratitude. She is a young woman who is thankful for who she is, and what she has beyond anything material.

She is not wallowing in sadness, but instead, spreading thankfulness to everyone involved in saving lives and submerging flames, and showing others ways to help.

What matters most

“I am one of the lucky ones,” Miley's words remind her near 76 million followers. “My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE [Liam Hemsworth] made it out safely and that’s all that matters right now.

The young woman eloquently states that “My house no longer stands, but the memory shared with family and friends stand strong. I am grateful for all I have left.”

Miley Cyrus paid moving tribute to the home and the luminous beach landscape that has been central to her relationship and rekindled love with Liam Hemsworth in the lyrics of “Malibu” from her “Younger Now” album.

The affirming love ballad describes how “we watch the sun go down as we’re walking/I'd spend the rest of my life standing here talking.” An exuberant Cyrus declares a further wish to “swim away with the fish” coinciding with her mate’s explanation of currents. I do feel, though, that marriage is not a priority for Miley Cyrus.

Water is a desperate need to aid firefighters now, battling the constant Santa Ana winds and the driest conditions in years. Any relief from rains is forecast to be days away, but Miley Cyrus sends an emotional flood of “love and gratitude to the firefighters and LA county Sheriff's department [sic]” who are fighting ceaselessly against the flames.

Making social media matter

Many other Celebrities have sent photographic evidence of evacuations and the devastating effects overtaking their homes.

Neil Young exemplified the loss of his home as an example of the current “unfit” leadership from the White House, and judging from the POTUS Twitter feed, continuing funding for firefighters is far more consuming of this president’s attention than the immense loss of lives and property. Miley Cyrus remains a passionate Hillary Clinton supporter and admits to being crushed by the 2016 election results. Still, rather than railing, the activist artist addresses initiatives to help those affected in a further Tweet, listing numerous links to agencies, both local and national.

Miley Cyrus is, no doubt, taking comfort in her animals and her family in these moments. The singer-songwriter often speaks of hanging out with her pigs, and even styles them before a few feature interviews.

Another song, “Inspired,” reflects the love and gratitude of the artist’s family roots, as well as a passionate love and intent to preserve the natural environment. This 25-year-old Tennessee native understands simple tenants to survive, and how much love can make a difference, whether a home is worth millions or not. Arms that reach out matter much more than insurance adjusters.

Both of these grounding elements will guide Miley Cyrus and so many more as they gain strength to rise from the ashes of the fires, day by day,