Kate Gosselin has a new reality television show that is coming. This one is all about trying to find love. Now her ex-husband Jon Gosselin is speaking out and saying he doesn't think she will find love on the show. Kate has dated a bit here and there since their split but has never revealed she was serious with anyone.

About Kate's new show

Kate Gosselin's new show is going to be called "Kate Plus Date." This is a cute named based off of her other show "Kate Plus 8." They have announced that the show is coming, but so far an air date hasn't been shared.

It also doesn't sound like Kate has filmed this show yet or tried to find love.

Right now, Kate Gosselin has six kids living at home with her. Collin is in a home for "anger issues." He will be moving in with Jon as soon as he gets out. Hannah Gosselin is also living at Jon's house. It can't be easy to date or film a show like this with so many kids at home, but at least they are old enough to take care of themselves for the most part.

Jon Gosselin shares his thoughts

Jon Gosselin actually doesn't think that anyone can find love on television. He talked to People and made it very clear that he doesn't believe in shows like "The Bachelor." He doesn't believe that Kate's reality show is going to work for her either.

Another thing that Jon shared is that the kids won't be on the show. He didn't sign release forms for the kids to film it. He has to approve it. Now, this may not be the case for the older girls now that they are 18. Jon seems to think that it is time for his kids to move on from reality television.

Jon also admitted that most of his children don't talk to him.

The fact that he has eight kids and doesn't get to see them all can't be easy on him. In the past, Jon shared that the bus would show up and he would never know which kids were going to come to see him at that time. He also shared that Collin Gosselin wanted to live with him. Luckily, Jon was able to get custody and when he comes home that will be where he actually goes to live along with his sister Hannah.

Jon Gosselin did find love in the traditional way. He has had a girlfriend since 2014 and they seem to be doing well together. The fans are glad to see Jon happy, but a lot of people would like to see Kate find love as well.

Hopefully, TLC will announce when "Kate Plus Date" will air soon. They have also not shared if "Kate Plus 8" will return for a new season or at least a few specials. The fans really do enjoy seeing this family on television.