''Game of Thrones'' is returning to the spotlight with only a few months left until the final season's premiere. The Season 7 finale may have created a cliffhanger, but the last chapter is set to deliver a perfectly shaped narrative to put the cap on the adventure. Launched in 2011, ''Game of Thrones'' quickly seized the stage and became a worldwide phenomenon.

The official ''Game of Thrones'' channel on YouTube released a teaser for Season 8. There are just seven episodes awaiting fans in Season 8.

HBO stirs things up with a new video

Inspired by the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books by George R.

R. Martin, what takes place in ''Game of Thrones'' is an extended metaphor of the ice vs fire battle.

According to Mashable, Season 8 premiere excitement is growing as the newly released HBO piece presents a short video of blazes of ice and fire, colliding in an epic visual spectacle. For those who may have missed it, below is a link of that mouth-watering ''Game of Thrones'' clip.

In less than two days since its release, the teaser has already surpassed the 6 million views mark as the army of fans tuned in to get the latest look at the highly-acclaimed show. Those numbers are expected to grow larger in the upcoming days.

A couple of weeks ago, a first teaser surfaced but it had only a release date attached to its core.

With the new one, fans have a starting point for those emotional debates and theories that are expected to pop up all over the internet.

Ice and fire is the ultimate clash

Fans may remember the scene of the Army of the dead marching through the Wall. The Night King's actions were a preview of the great battle that is yet to come.

The Season 8 teaser is a reminder of what matters the most. The raw power of fire and ice are on a collision course.

Some may be more interested in the fates of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, and others, but, who will survive? Who will die? Who will kill who? These are the questions we'll be hoping to find an answer to when the final season returns.

It's interesting to observe that the teaser proposes the idea that human lives are expendable and natural forces will always prevail when the final bell is rung.

At another level, the whole narrative can be reduced to a life vs death encounter also. Those from Westeros are facing a different kind of enemy as the death itself comes to collect the debt. So, there are plenty of reasons to keep a close eye on this show until its very end.