The wildfires in Malibu California have completely destroyed a number of homes, including the abode of "Y&R" veteran Tracey Bregman. The woman who portrays Lauren Fenmore praised the firefighters for their heroic job and said she thanked God that her family was safe. The actress went on Instagram to say that she is numb and at a loss for words regarding the situation. She received much love and support from fans. Ms. Bregman's television character is rising to the top of the corporate world as the owner of Fenmore's and the new COO of Jabot Cosmetics.

Bregman initially unaware her home destroyed

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that when Tracey Bregman was first told that her home had been destroyed by a wildfire, she said she would have to see it for herself. She said she was thankful that she, her children, and animals were all safe. Her horses were taken to safety and CDL implies that Bregman believed that her home only suffered some damage. She offered prayers for everyone who had been affected, but, eventually, the "Y&R" star had to face a terrible truth.

Soap Dirt reports that Tracey Bregman thanked God for the safety of herself and her loved ones and also praised the job the firefighters were doing. The report says she later stated on Instagram that she was at a loss for words in finding out that a wildfire had destroyed her Malibu home.

The actress shared a photo on the social platform showing the place where her home used to be. She admitted being numb and unable to take in the devastating loss she had suffered. I also want to note that girl power rules Genoa City.

Tracey Bregman's 'Y&R' character is soaring

Tracey Bregman is dealing with the loss of her Malibu home and her "Y&R" character is soaring and climbing the corporate ladder.

Lauren continues to be the owner of Fenmores Boutique, and now her partnership with Jabot Cosmetic's is paying off in a big way. This past week. Phyllis was named CEO of the Abbott family business and later named Lauren her COO. Along with new chemist Kerry, the women were chanting girl power. Bregman is a professional so her personal losses will not be evident onscreen, even though she is heartbroken.

But I am sad that Pop Network is dropping same-day episodes of the show.

Soap Dirt indicates that Bregman obeyed a mandatory evacuation on Thursday evening (November 8) that was ordered for all Malibu residents. The actress found out on Friday evening (November 9) that her Malibu home was a total loss. Continue watching Lauren on "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ET.