When it comes to this particular show, ''This Is Us'' is a complex, yet ordinary, universe where various characters, human behaviors, actions, and seemingly random facts co-exist in a vivid, heartwarming and eye-catching mix.

With so many eyes pointed at the main leading characters of the show, the tendency to overlook the secondary faces seems natural. One of those names is Miguel Rivas. According to hiddenremote.com, the next episode will air on Tuesday and an episode preview is already out. Although it doesn't offer any hint on this particular side of the story, the role Miguel has been playing in the whole Pearsons affair is worthy of a thorough debate.

According to IMDb, Jon Huertas is the 49-year-old actor who was given the difficult task of playing Miguel Rivas, perhaps the most overlooked character of ''This Is Us.' Miguel is Jack Pearson's best friend and the one who kept the Pearsons whole after Jack passed away. He later became Rebecca's second husband, and therefore, a stepfather for Kate, Randall, and Kevin.

Jack and Miguel were bound together by a genuine friendship

''This Is Us'' has delivered some outstanding moments between its various characters. It's safe to say that Jack Pearson and Miguel Rivas had their own special relationship.

Colleagues at work and best friends in their spare time, Jack and Miguel are a special duo of the show.

And, of course, is that moment when a rather premonitory Jack asked Miguel if he would be willing to take care of his family in the event of his death. The weirdest part of that scene was that Jack asked that while filling out the forms of a life insurance policy.

After Jack died from a heart attack, Miguel was among those genuinely shocked by the news.

The moment he learns about the terrible news is the same when he and his future wife Rebecca share an emotional carousel. Below you can rewatch that heartbreaking scene.

At the time, Miguel was alone after his marriage the first wife Shelly fell apart. But, he and Rebecca won't genuinely connect until 2008 when a new social platform called Facebook put their lives on the same track again.

Miguel can relate to Beth and Toby

For the sake of clarity, we should separate the sand from the water. ''This Is Us'' is about the Pearsons and their history as a family. All those who ended up within the same frame as the Pearsons had to fight hard for their passing badge.

But, as Beth and Toby both did, Miguel too sacrificed a lot for this particular family. As the third season started, we got more and more glimpses on how hard was life after Jack's death and how Miguel voluntarily stepped in to help his grieving friends.

Perhaps he did that to honor that forgotten promise to Jack or simply because he was feeling like a part of the family, Miguel Rivas offered unconditional support.

It's nice to see some of the spotlights headed to this side of the story. After all, he was the only one Jack had in his proximity once the War in Vietnam was over.