Hip-hop star 6ix9ine is currently serving prison time, but his financial situation may take a serious hit. A new lawsuit is reportedly in the works against the rap artist. Fashion Nova is behind the suit due to 6xi9ine's failure to honor a commitment within a song that he was part of. Here are the latest details of why the rapper is in more hot water and which hip-hop star may be behind his failure to make a mention.

6ix9ine's failure to mention Fashion Nova

A report originating from TMZ notes that Fashion Nova's lawsuit is due to the song "Mama," which 6ix9ine is part of.

The song, "Mama," also features hip-hop artists Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. Apparently, Fashion Nova made an arrangement where 6ix9ine was supposed to mention their name in a line for the song. The line was supposed to be, "Splish Splash Fashion Nova make that a-- phat." However, the Fashion Nova part never made it into the song.

Instead, 6ix9ine raps "Splish Splash Apple Bottoms make that a--- phat." Apparently, fellow rapper Nicki Minaj told 6ix9ine not to mention the brand in the song. That's due to the fact Minaj is still beefing with hip-hop diva Cardi B.

Cardi is among the biggest sponsors for the Fashion Nova brand right now, so it's only natural Nicki wouldn't want her brand popping up.

That said, it looks like it will be costly for 6ix9ine. The reported figure in the lawsuit against 6ix9ine (real name David Hernandez) is $300,000 in damages right now. That's a lot of money for the rapper to pay if the suit is successful.

He's currently dealing with prison time too, but he may not be hurting for money either.

6ix9ine's prison, financial situation

Hernandez is currently serving prison time which began this month. He's incarcerated due to racketeering and firearm charges, as well as others. That prison sentence could keep him inside a cell for his entire life too.

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that he is still financially good. Apparently, the hip-hop star gave his girlfriend a nice gift while in prison. The website reports that Tekashi 6ix9ine gave his girlfriend a 411mm Rolex Datejust, which obviously isn't cheap at all. The watch was reportedly a present for Jade's 22nd birthday, which she celebrated in NYC this past Tuesday (November 27).

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been on the scene really since just last year, so he's yet to build up his wealth. It's doubtful he's releasing another new album soon, unlike hip-hop star Earl Sweatshirt, who is planning a new release by month's end.

Tekashi dropped "Dummy Boy," his first official album, just days ago.

Even with the new album, he obviously won't be touring like athlete-turned-artist Mike Stud, though. Stud is set to go on tour in early January, and unless Tekashi gets a miraculous early prison release, he'll be staying put. Reports may vary on the rapper's net worth, but one from Celebrity Net Worth indicated he was worth $4 million. That may be higher based on royalties, or lower based on prison time. Either way, the watch he gave away seems to indicate he may not be hurting for money even while inside the prison!