Barbara Walters health continues to rapidly decline. The 88-year-old TV icon is spending her final days alone according to Radar Online. It is a very sad situation.Those closest to Walters reveal that Barbara, the former journalist and TV reporter has strictly forbidden visitors to her home. She now prefers to live out her final days in isolation, spending the day alternating between her wheelchair and bed.

Barbara Walters health rapidly declining

Walters, who was last seen out in public in July of 2016, now never ventures from her New York home.

Pals claim that despite numerous attempts to visit Barbara, the doorman has strict instructions to turn away all visitors. Calls made to Bab's personal home line are intercepted by the staff, who share very limited information concerning Walter's health condition.

Walters reportedly suffering from dementia

As previously reported, last September, Friends expressed their great concern for Barbara, who had chosen to spend her birthday all alone. This is an unusual turn of events for Walters, who in the past, has always been described as a healthy, robust, and energetic woman. Things have since taken an even more disturbing turn for the worse. Friends claim Barbara is now suffering from deafness and heart disease as well as showing signs of advanced dementia.

Since breaking her hip several months ago, she now spends her days sitting in her wheelchair in the library of her home, staring out the window, or at the same newspaper page for hours on end. Another out of character trait that has developed that concerns friends, Barbara now shows no interest at all in her appearance. One insider told RO that Babs has not had her hair or makeup done in more than a year.

She now just has the staff only wash her hair and brush it back into a ponytail.

One of the last people to see Barbara stated that they believe she is showing all the signs of end-stage Alzheimer's disease. "She only recognizes very few things these days. When asked about Walter's health condition, her reps deny that the TV legend is suffering from dementia.

However, a source close to Walters claims that these days she rarely knows her own name.

Barbara, who was once an avid world traveler and the social butterfly is now so disoriented that she is unable to carry on even the simplest of conversations. Friends fear that Barbara is now nearing the end and has given up on life entirely. She is now described as "paranoid" and untrusting of everyone. “Sometimes she gets angry and will physically swat at caretakers if they cause her any pain" one pal reveals to Radar.

The aging process has taken a cruel toll on Barbara Walters. We wish her the best during this difficult time.The official Alzheimer's Awareness site reported that in 2017 over five million Americans age 65 and older suffer from Alzheimer's disease with an estimated 200,000 people under 65 suffering from younger-onset Alzheimer's. It is a disease that has no cure and is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.