Erin Krakow of “When Calls the Heart” hardly has a free minute to herself, but the star still makes the most of every minute with fans and good friends. The much-loved actress who embodies the spirit, grace, and resilience of teacher, Elizabeth Thornton, on the cherished Hallmark Channel drama completed her full sixth season, mingled with fans and media at the HFR4 convention, and still made time to chat with faithful Hearties on the spur of the moment on social media today, November 13.

The holidays are already brighter, thanks to two Christmas viewing treats from Erin Krakow this season.

Marrying Father Christmas” premiered on November 4, and has many more showings to come on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and the “When Calls the Heart” 2018 Christmas movie is set for Christmas Day.

In customary Hallmark tradition, once a star is part of the Hallmark family, he or she becomes a beloved “regular” in the holiday rotation, and Daniel Lissing, who left “When Calls the Heart” at the conclusion of Season 5, had his own Christmas 2018 premiere of “Christmas in Love” co-starring with Brooke D’Orsay last weekend, and reviews were glowing. The even better news is that last week, the Australian actor announced that he will be spending these Christmas holidays with “someone special” to love.

Lissing also mentioned that he would love to make a “modern times” movie with Erin, so it won't be a surprise to see that on some future Christmas list.

Even though Erin Kraków was still busy finalizing some finishing touches on “When Calls the Heart,” like finishing up some audio dubbing, called ADR, she asked her Twitter followers if they would like a short session of #AskErin, and the topics turned as tasty as a Thanksgiving table, and the subjects of food and friends naturally came up!

Anything and everything

As always, Erin responded graciously to a flow of questions on all topics. The lovely star was asked how she would feel about joining a “fantastic” series, such as the Marvel comic films.

Even though “When Calls the Heart” is set in 1910s pioneer times in the Northwest Territory, Krakow and co-stars like Lori Loughlin, who portrays the Mayor of Hope Valley, in addition to mother, business owner and best friend to Elizabeth, bring immense character, conviction, and strength in their female roles, and certainly exhibit positive reflections of women for young viewers. Pascale Hutton, who portrays Rosemary Coulter, is another businesswoman and artist of many talents, and the actress has hinted that her character may even find her truest fulfillment to come in Season 6.

Erin Kraków related that she loves the family time of Thanksgiving and that her table is usually a vegan one. She also replied that she loves watermelon with a little lime juice as a snack, but not with salt.

Juicy watermelon has to be a treat after leaving Vancouver in the fall and winter season, even if most of the filming of the Christmas movies are done in the warm season. Erin credited in an HFR4 interview that her co-star, Kavan Smith, is the best at playing like there's a frigid chill, even in summer. Krakow is bound to celebrate a warm Christmas with family in Florida.

The eyes have it

Because Erin Krakow was busy, she wasn't able to be with Lori Loughlin for this week's “Dancing with the Stars,” but she did answer another curious mom by saying that she does skate, and that's certainly an added talent.

The “When Calls the Heart” cast feel the love whether having fun between takes on the set, or, when necessary, by long-distance. Several times in the past, Erin Krakow has shared photos with castmate, Pascale Hutton, that are reminiscent of fond slumber parties, with girls just being themselves. That same feeling was captured in a photo of Hutton that Erin shared on November 12, and she was clear in stating that Pascale approved the post. This time, Pascale had pads under each eye, lovely as ever without her makeup, and not a tear to be found.

These ladies are dedicated to their craft but don't mind taking moments for friendship and being silly, around the holidays, or any other time.