Another Saiyan warrior will be introduced in the much-awaited anime film “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.” This latest information came from the new leak that reveals a fresh synopsis for the upcoming movie. One detail that several fans are now talking about online is the new Saiyan warrior names Paragus.

Father of a Saiyan Warrior

According to the translated synopsis shared online by popular anime content creator Ken Xyro, Paragus is going to play a significant role in “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.” He served as the trusted overseer of the military operation of King Vegeta.

He and the king of Planet Vegeta had sons Vegeta and Broly. Prince Vegeta showed great potential but Broly shown much more promise. It appears that this potential prompted the king to cast Broly away to a far planet.

Paragus abandoned his responsibilities to raise his son and it is on this planet that they were stuck. Stranded on a distant planet, father and son Paragus and Broly were found by the patrolling army of the fan-favorite villain, Frieza. As it turned out, it was Cheelai and Lemo, the two new characters earlier introduced in the scans, which discovered the father and son. They brought them to Frieza where they were recruited into the villain’s military force and became lethal weapons and weapons of propaganda.

The Frieza Connection

This latest details from the synopsis triggered many speculations and could confirm some of the theories that fans were buzzing about since the trailers were released. One of these includes the reason why Broly is specifically targeting Vegeta in the arctic battle. It also explains the Paragus’ bad blood against King Vegeta.

In one of the trailers, it was shown that for the first time, Frieza has seen a glimpse of Broly’s power. This suggests that they could have fought earlier and the villain might be testing the waters.

But, if the upcoming movie unveils the truth on the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the king’s agenda for sending him to a distant planet, then it seems that Frieza has found that his powerful weapon, Broly, is directed right at him.

It is just a speculation for now since it appears that more mysteries are going to be unveiled in the movie.

“Dragon Ball Super: Broly” is scheduled to be released in theaters in Japan on December 2018. It is expected to be released in the US and other countries on January 16, 2019. You can check out the latest trailer on the upcoming movie below showcasing various action clips.